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Former Maker, Disney, Nickelodeon execs raise $6 million for kids media startup Pocketwatch

With traditional television no longer the powerhouse it once was, today's kids grow up on a diet of Netflix and YouTube and other digital content. A new startup aiming to be the next big kids brand to

Shazam rolls out in-app music video channels with Vadio

Song identifying app Shazam is rolling out music video channels to all of its 120 million monthly active users in a partnership with Vadio, a Portland-based startup. Through their partnership, whenev

EU digital copyright reform proposals slammed as regressive

The European Commission's proposals to reform the region's copyright rules, published in draft form today, have been criticized by tech companies and digital rights groups as regressive and a missed o

Reflections on a historic few months for online video

This has been my Summer of Video -- several months when it became clear to me that we’ve reached an inflection point in the transition from linear TV to online video. tries to bring that live TV thrill to online video is bringing some of the communal feeling of watching regular TV — you know, the sense that people are watching along with you – to the experience of streaming online videos. “Wat

Tubular Labs raises $10 million to measure online videos across social platforms

Just how popular was that video of the mom laughing in her Chewbacca mask? And how did that video stack up against the mermaid pillow one that went viral in January? Are videos published by Last Week

Facebook launches video Rights Manager to combat freebooting

There’s an epidemic of stolen videos on Facebook . Business Pages rip videos from YouTube, TV or other Pages, and then post them on Facebook as their own to gain more engagement and fans. This i

YouTube block comes and goes in Georgia amid government sex tape allegations

Google’s YouTube, the world’s biggest video site, is no stranger to getting blocked in some countries when content uploaded by users runs against state policies on media and public informa

Facebook Tests “Click For More” To Boost Video Views On Desktop

Facebook says it now gets around 8 billion video views on its platform each day, and the social network has made no secret of its plans to make it an even bigger part of the experience in the future

Created For Amateurs, Online Video Editing Platform Showbox Picks Up $8M Series A

Showbox’s goal is to be the online editing platform of choice for non-professional video makers. The Tel Aviv-based startup just closed a $8 million Series A, which will be used to on product develo

Virtual Reality Porn And The Future Of Loneliness

Welcome to the very-near future of porn. A few weeks back, a sex toy company called Lovense and a virtual reality porn company called VirtualRealPorn announced their collaboration. Soon, VirtualRealPo

Pluto TV, An Online Video Service Targeting Cord Cutters, Will Stream Hulu

Up-and-coming video streaming service aimed at cord cutters, Pluto.TV, will now be distributing Hulu’s free content, thanks to a new distribution agreement between the two companies. For Pl

Armed With $2M, Fedora Hopes To Create The Next Million Dollar Teachers

For years, the formula for teaching has been simple in the United States. Get a license from a local college, join a public school, and teach several groups of kids a day for the next several decades.

Hey Kids, Restream Lets You Stream Your Gaming Sessions To Multiple Video Sites At Once

Enter, a self-funded startup from Ukraine that's built a cloud service to let you stream your video gaming sessions (or any video feed) to multiple video sites all at once, without the add

Xiaomi To Invest $1B In Online Video Content

Xiaomi just announced on its official Weibo account that it plans to invest $1 billion in online video content to support its smart television ecosystem. The investment will be overseen by two Xiaomi

StepUp Lets You Easily Chop YouTube Videos Into Bite-Size Chunks

Step forward UK startup StepUp which has built a platform for turning existing video content into shorter snippets that can be looped for repeat viewing, or watched in sequence -- one segment after an

Maxthon Releases Windows PC Browser Designed To Make Watching Videos Faster

Browser maker <a target="_blank" href="">Maxthon</a> has released a browser for Windows PC that is designed for watching videos and includes features like the "AdSkipper," which

Viki To Launch In Japan, 5 Months After Acquisition By Rakuten

Viki, a streaming video platform that crowdsources translated subtitles, will launch a beta version of its site for Japanese viewers tomorrow. The announcement comes five months after Tokyo-based Raku

Aereo Apologizes To Customers Affected By Service Outage During Golden Globes

Aereo, the streaming TV startup backed by media mogul Barry Diller, has apologized for a brief service outage tonight. The outage only lasted about an hour, but was especially unfortunate because it c

Now With 2M Users, CreativeLive Lands $21.5M Led By Social+Capital To Bring Free, Live Courses To The World’s Entrepreneurs

Beginning with the likes of Khan Academy and Coursera, over the last two years, a new kind of learning has begun to emerge on the Web, bringing with it the promise of affordable, quality education at
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