A group of public radio companies acquires podcast app Pocket Casts

NPR, WNYC Studios, WBEZ Chicago and This American Life announced today that they’ve acquired Pocket Casts, a podcast app created by Australian developer Shifty Jelly. That might sound like a lot

Apple Adds Talk Radio And News To iTunes Radio Starting With NPR

Apple is teaming up with NPR to offer its first news content on its iTunes Radio streaming audio offering, Re/code reports. The new channel goes live today, offering 24 hours of live news and previous

PRX Relaunches Its iPhone App, Now Lets You Download All Your Favorite Public Radio Programs

The Public Radio Player app for the iPhone has been a round for a while now, but today, Cambridge-based Public Radio Exchange (PRX) is relaunching the app with a revamped visual design, new interface

NPR's iPad App Downloaded 350,000 Times, New Public Media API Announced

<img src="" class="snap_nopreview shot2" alt="" />NPR always has among the most popular news apps in the iTunes Store. Its latest iPad app has b

NPR Makes Its Mobile Website Appalicious (And Readies An Android App)

<img src="" width="132" height="199" /> National Public Radio has the fourth most popular news app in the iTunes store in the U.S

Wait, wait, don't tell me. NPR has its own radio.

<img src="">If you're like me and love Car Talk, but don't actually have a radio, you probably listen to NPR over the internet. If yo

Zumobi launches widget service for BlackBerry

Microsoft spin-off Zumobi announced that its widget platform is now available for BlackBerrys. Zumobi is ad-supported and promises to enhance smartphone users experience “by providing easy access to

Don't Call It A Comeback (Actually, Go For It)

Everyone’s favorite liberal and entertaining talk station, NPR, ran a story this morning on how vinyl is making a comeback. The reason for those Talking Heads 7-inches coming back in style? NPR

NPR Says Wii Is Bad For Children

NPR hates you and it hates the Wii you bought for your kid. Kelly McBride, a parent, went on the air the other day to attack other parents for buying their kids Nintendo Wiis. McBride says that althou