Wait, wait, don't tell me. NPR has its own radio.

Picture 3If you’re like me and love Car Talk, but don’t actually have a radio, you probably listen to NPR over the internet. If you love it so much you want to listen to it even when you’re away from your computer, you’re in luck. Livio, makers of the Pandora radio, have introduced a stand-alone, internet radio module, with NPR-exclusive capability.

Using the Recivia internet radio portal, this device can access nearly every internet radio station that exists on the web. But the primary function is its NPR dedicated menu. Bookmark your favorite shows for easy access, or seach through any of NPR’s streams, podcasts, even local-only content. The radio is Wi-Fi enabled, making setup easy as turning the thing on. It has all of the basics you’d expect from a radio: auxiliary inputs, outputs for your home speaker system, and the like.

There are no subscription fees, so you’ll only have to shell out $199.99 for the unit. Pick it up at the NPR Store.