NPR Says Wii Is Bad For Children

NPR hates you and it hates the Wii you bought for your kid. Kelly McBride, a parent, went on the air the other day to attack other parents for buying their kids Nintendo Wiis. McBride says that although the Wii gets your kid off the couch and his arms moving around, it gives a child “a false sense of what it’s like to compete in the world.” Ouch! Could she say anything worse? You betcha. The commentary goes on to explain how Wii Sports is terrible, how kids need to learn real sports, and a few other tidbits.

I listen to a lot of NPR, so I know the style this commentary was probably presented in and realize it was probably a bit harsh. But do I agree with Kelly and her anti-Wii crusade? Absolutely. Kids need to get their asses off of that couch and keep walking to the door so they can go outside to play. Snowing? Who cares, grab that cheapo Nerf football and toss it around. Maybe you kids will actually have some fun for a change. I think it’s OK to play Wii Sports and games that emulate physical activity, but you shouldn’t use it as a total replacement for exercise. Just my two cents.

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