Don't Call It A Comeback (Actually, Go For It)

Everyone’s favorite liberal and entertaining talk station, NPR, ran a story this morning on how vinyl is making a comeback. The reason for those Talking Heads 7-inches coming back in style? NPR cites the popularity of the low-cost USB turntable and the total lack of DRM on vinyl. So far sales of new records are up 10% and seem to keep growing. Oh, and indie kids still buy a ton of the stuff.

This is excellent news for collection enthusiasts, completionists, and emo kids, I’m sure. My friend Dennis just picked up a USB turntable and ripped a few songs with it. The quality was pretty amazing, so why not bring the best of both worlds together? Vinyl and USB…a match made in a quirky, distant heaven.

Putting a New Spin on Vinyl Records [NPR via Slashdot]