• Microsoft Releases Half A Dozen MSN Apps For iOS And Android, Offering News, Sports, Weather And More

    Microsoft Releases Half A Dozen MSN Apps For iOS And Android, Offering News, Sports, Weather And More

    Continuing its efforts to become more of a mobile ecosystem player, Microsoft today has released a suite of MSN-branded mobile applications that run on iOS, Android and Amazon devices. The free apps, previously created under the awkward Bing label, were originally built for Windows 8 and Windows Phone devices. The lineup includes MSN apps for News, Weather, Sports, Food & Drink, Healthy… Read More

  • Microsoft Brings MSN Back By Shifting Windows Phone’s Bing Apps To A New, Old Moniker

    Microsoft Brings MSN Back By Shifting Windows Phone’s Bing Apps To A New, Old Moniker

    Microsoft, in an effort to bring MSN back to mainstream prominence, is shifting its Bing-labeled Windows Phone and Windows apps under that brand’s aegis. You are forgiven if you forgot that MSN is still a thing, or that a number of Windows Phone and Windows apps that have little to do with search are in fact still branded under the Bing name. MSN may be on this side of risible in the… Read More

  • Mozilla Launches Custom Firefox With MSN Edition

    Mozilla Launches Custom Firefox With MSN Edition

    Mozilla just launched a special customized edition of Firefox for fans of Microsoft’s MSN portal. Firefox with MSN comes with MSN as the default home page and automatically opens msnNOW, the memetracker-like version of MSN as a Firefox app tab. And of course, this edition offers an MSN theme and uses Bing as the default search engine instead of Google, which is the standard for… Read More

  • Not So Casual: Microsoft To Revitalize MSN Games, Live Messenger And Bing Games

    Microsoft this morning announced several new efforts to gain some ground in the booming social/casual gaming market. The company will be debuting an all-new version of MSN Games (see preview here), bring new social games to instant messaging client Windows Live Messenger and expand Bing Games internationally. Last but not least, Microsoft has struck a partnership with social games… Read More

  • comScore Says Bing And Yahoo Gained Market Share In May. Or Have They?

    Audience measurement firm comScore has released its May 2010 U.S. Search Data report, and it shows continued market share gains for Yahoo and Microsoft. Yahoo and Bing/MSN each added approximately 60 bps and 30 bps to 18.3% and 12.1%, respectively. Google is down, claims comScore, declining approximately 70 bps for the second consecutive month to 63.7%. But that’s not the whole story… Read More

  • What's the real reason Microsoft has delayed its streaming music service?

    Well, July came and went and we saw no sign of Microsoft‘s much-anticipated new streaming music service. So I did a little digging around, and over the weekend word reached me through a friend in the music industry that the delay has nothing to do with technical problems, as some have suggested. According to my source, Microsoft “has no label deals”. And a streaming music… Read More

  • Ignore That Scary MSNbot, It's Just The Friendly BingBot – Unless It Attacks!

    Microsoft has a post today on its Bing Community blog alerting website owners that they may start seeing a lot of pings from the user agent “msnbot/2.0b (+”. Not to worry, they say, despite the scary MSN Web 1.0-name, this is just the BingBot, crawling sites, doing its indexing job. While Microsoft has updated the bot’s version number (from… Read More

  • Compete: Facebook US Traffic Nearing Google, Yahoo

    Web analytics firm Compete has released its data for the month of May, and as Justin Smith over at InsideFacebook has already pointed out, US traffic to has increased by nearly 8% to 82.9 million unique visitors last month, with Facebook Connect sites generating an additional 65 million uniques. That means that, according to Compete, a total of 113 million people in the U.S. Read More

  • MSN Video: Why Is This Klingon Holding A Dolphin?

    In honor of the latest Star Trek release, MSN Video has rolled out a Klingon version of its Star Trek video page. Klingon, of course, is the tongue spoken by the race of the same name in the fictional Star Trek universe. For those of you who aren’t Trekkies, Klingons are the warrior race and usually are portrayed as the enemy in the Star Trek series and movies. One notably hilarious (or… Read More

  • MSN Picks WetPaint To Add A Fresh Coat To Its Entertainment Pages

    MSN had a bit of a problem. It had the popular entertainment area of its service, where movies, musical acts, and other things in pop culture have pages filled with content for fans. But the problem was that paying people to populate these sites with content was expensive. And since it’s the fans that want to see it, why not let them help out to build the site? That’s why MSN is… Read More

  • Google Tops Website Customer Satisfaction Index

    The University of Michigan’s quarterly customer satisfaction index came out today, and in the Website category Google came out on top with a score of 86 out of 100 (up 10 percent from last year). Yahoo slipped 3 percent to a score of 77. MSN’s score was flat at 75, and tied with and AOL came in at 69, and that is 3 percent better than last year. Here… Read More

  • MSN Messenger accidentally blocks YouTube links

    Last Friday and Saturday, MSN Messenger users found themselves unable to send YouTube links to each other. Microsoft acknowledged and fixed the problem, pointing the finger at “a 3rd party that is a Microsoft partner” responsible for managing potentially harmful URLs that are sent through the Messenger program. A company blog post says: “Microsoft did not request to block… Read More

  • Sort of CrunchDeal: T-Mobile waives activation fee, but only if you're lucky

    This has to be the most cockamamie way to score a deal I’ve ever encountered. For Mother’s Day, T-Mobile will waive the activation fee if you’re lucky enough to come across the banner ad on MSN’s home page. I’ve tried looking for it to get a screen grab, but I have a life and I refuse to sit here any longer. Simply follow these instructions put forth by TmoNews… Read More

  • Microsoft to close MSN DRM servers at end of August; customers have choices to make

    If you’ve bought your music from MSN’s music store, you have until August 31st to enjoy it before Microsoft turns off its DRM servers. You’ll have to make sure you have license files for all your songs on the computer and devices you want to play them on, because without the servers, you can’t authorize your content. What really sucks is that you’re only allowed up… Read More

  • VTech's latest landline phone does IM

    People with landline phones take notice for VTech has announced something pretty cool. Their latest cordless phone, the IS6110, does IM between phones and comes with a QWERTY keyboard. When the base unit is plugged into your PC via USB you can chat over MSN, Windows Live and AIM. The IS6110 retails for $100 and is available at Best Buy. Read More

  • My new MSN buddy

    In part 5,000 of our ongoing investigation of all things spammy, here is my interaction with what appears to be an MSN Chat robot designed to lure drunken frat boys into a chatroom where they have to offer up credit card numbers in order to get to see nakedness. Strangely enough, the robot actually took time to respond so there must be some wait loop in there to make it more realistic. Read More

  • Microsoft selling, giving away same services: Who is sucker now?

    If you pay $9.95 a month for Microsoft Premium then Microsoft is royally screwing you. It seems that the service, which comes free from some ISPs, offers bunch of web-based services including “Virtual Earth,” Encarta, and spam and phishing filters. These same features are available through Windows Live and Hotmail and, incidentally, available in Windows itself. As a result, folks… Read More

  • Microsoft to launch Microsoft Communications Server: Watch out, PBX salespeople

    If you’ve ever worked in IT you’ll know there are two disparate and potentially competing technologies in the server room. First, there are all the IP servers — web, mail, porn, terabytes of video storage hidden by the sysadmins at 4am — and the “phone closet,” a dusty corner of a creepy closet somewhere near the guy who smells where the voice mailboxes… Read More

  • Balmer, Microsoft Hell-Bent On Not Sucking At Ad Game

    Some would argue that coming after Google’s online advertising crown might be an exercise in futility. Yet that’s what Microsoft’s gunning for, according to mild-mannered Steve Ballmer. And don’t think that Microsoft is trying to simply slice itself the tiniest sliver of the pie like your typical type-A friend that eats vicariously through everyone else, no sir. Read More

  • Zune Phone Confirmed! Launch Scenario! 4G WiMax Action! Rumors Off the WTF-o-Meter

    . On Monday, Microsoft filed a mystery application with the FCC for an enigmatic wireless device that could be used to talk over the Internet. Sounds like a VoiP device, right? Not really. The device is described as being used for “consumer broadband access and networking,” which doesn’t sound like vanilla VoIP to me. Microsoft goes on to say that the device would use OFDM as… Read More