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U100 From iRiver Is Sexy And Zune-Like; You Will Probably Never Have One

<img src="" />Now, I'm not saying that this particular gadget is the best thing in the world, but I do have to say that I like the l

SanDisk Breathes New Life Into Its MP3 Offering With The Sansa Fuse+

SanDisk is back, baby. After a long time of just letting its Sansa Fuse line chill, there’s finally a new model. The Sansa Fuse+ is a mighty big refresh that manages to maintain a good amount of

Woot! Refurbished Sansa Clip for $13

<img src="">Here’s a wheel of a deal on SanDisk’s answer to the original iPod Shuffle, the Sansa Clip

XtreamP3 looks like a nice little waterproof MP3 player

<img src="" alt="130026432" title="130026432" width="620" height="558" class="aligncenter size-full wp-image-130170" /> You might reme

Little clip-on MP3 player looks familiar, costs $12 today only

<img src="">I’ve been shuffling all these memories through my brain, trying to figure out where I’ve seen this MP3 player before. Shuffl

Micro MP3 player fits right in your ear

<img src="">After some initial investigation, I can’t figure out how you skip tracks on this thing. Can’t figure out the vo

SanDisk rolls out new Clip players, say hello to the Sansa Clip+

<img src="" alt="Sansa Clip" />SanDisk has revved its line of tiny Sansa Clip players -- now called the Sansa Clip+ for those of you keepi

Sony revolutionizes portable music players by adding external speakers

<img src="" alt="Sony" />I don't envy the PR people who have to write press releases. They can never just call a spade a spade. Case in point,

Sony X-series OLED Walkman prices leaked

<img src="" alt="sony" />Sony's X-series touchscreen Walkmans (Walkmen?) have made an appearance on Sony's rewards wesit

Cassette MP3 player uses finger twisting for charging and song skipping

<img src="">There are so many wonderful things about this MP3 player idea. It’s not an actual product yet, but here are the basics. Fi

Crisis averted! U.S. gets back its MP3 player loaded with military info

<img src="" />As I said on the <a HREF="">podcast</a> earlier this aftern

Sony's new X-Series touchscreen Walkmen are lookin' kinda good

<img src="" /> Sony's dropped a solid-looking touchscreen Walkman line with the X-Series. I can't say I'm a big fan of the finish (looks

SanDisk's slotRadio comes with 1,000 pre-loaded songs

<img src="" /> SanDisk thinks the current setup of plugging your mp3 player into you computer to load up on songs is far too compli

Rumor: Sony to debut an iPod Touch-like Walkman with OLED screen at CES

Take an iPod Touch, swap out the LCD screen with an OLED screen, and you might just have Sony’s next Walkman. Sony Insider is reporting that we’ll apparently see a device with the followin

Double CrunchDeal: Blu-ray player for $149, 1GB Sansa Express mp3 player (refurb) for $11

Avoid the stampede at Walmart next Friday by picking up that Memorex Blu-ray player for $149 at (free shipping, too). While you’re at it, you can also get the first-gen iPod Shuffle-like San

CrunchDeals: 8GB Insignia Pilot for $59.95

Perhaps even better than the previous Bluetooth-enabled audio player CrunchDeal, has another good deal on the refurbished 8GB Insignia Pilot running until the end of the month. Normally $79.

CrunchDeals: 2GB Sansa Clip for $15.99 + $5 shipping

Oooh, that’s a good deal. has the 2GB SanDisk Sansa Clip (see our review here) for a paltry $15.99 + $5 shipping. It’s refurbished, yes, but come on: you could spend on coffee, donuts, sm

CrunchDeals: 4GB Bluetooth MP3 player for $39.99 is selling the refurbished 4GB Insignia Sport in red, black, and blue for $39.99 when you use code NS4V at checkout. The Sport is a fairly straightforward portable media device that plays mu

Eco Media Player Revolution hand-cranked MP3 player

Sick of batteries and the burden that batteries carry? Me too, man. Me too. Here’s a hand-cranked MP3 player called the Eco Media Player Revolution. It’s the successor to the original hand-cranked

Microsoft and Zune: the next few years

You guys always get riled up when we mention the Zune, so of course we’re doing it again. What did you think was going to happen? After Apple’s disappointing event on Tuesday, I feel prett
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