XtreamP3 looks like a nice little waterproof MP3 player

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You might remember the SwiMP3, an MP3 player designed specifically for use when swimming. Handy if you swim a lot, but what if you just like to run or bike in rain and snow? You don’t really want to wear a swimming accessory while you’re running — unless you’re running to the pool, I guess, but let’s ignore that contingency for now.

That’s why this XtreamP3 looks like more of a match for me. It’s still a little much since it’s designed for people who, you know, exercise, but I could probably use it when I have to walk in the rain to our weekly Call of Cthulhu game. Hey! Don’t judge me!

It’s out now, and costs $150, which is admittedly pretty expensive for a 1GB player. But note that it comes with a neoprene arm strap and has integrated headphones; it’s more than a ruggedized Shuffle. Hopefully we’ll have a review of this little guy soon.

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