Eco Media Player Revolution hand-cranked MP3 player


Sick of batteries and the burden that batteries carry? Me too, man. Me too. Here’s a hand-cranked MP3 player called the Eco Media Player Revolution. It’s the successor to the original hand-cranked Eco Media Player. This new one handles music and movie files in AAC, WMA, MP3, OGG, MP4, and WMV formats and features 4GB of storage.

There’s also an FM radio, photo album, ebook reader, and an expansion slot that’ll allow to add a 4GB SD card. One minute of winding will get you 45 minutes of MP3 playback and you can even recharge your mobile phone by plugging it into the player itself. The device is good for 48 hours of audio or 7 hours of video playback when fully charged. It’ll ship the second week in October. Pricing stings a bit: it’s $240.

Eco Media Player Revolution [Ethical Superstore via Jaunted]