SanDisk rolls out new Clip players, say hello to the Sansa Clip+

Sansa ClipSanDisk has revved its line of tiny Sansa Clip players — now called the Sansa Clip+ for those of you keeping score at home — and, thankfully, hasn’t changed too much from the already-great device (see our Sansa Clip review here).

The control pad’s now square instead of round and there’s a microSD expansion slot included for good measure, so you’ll be able to add up to 16 extra gigabytes if you like. At around 15 hours, battery life seems to be about the same as before and there’s still a built-in FM tuner, voice recorder, and extended file support (MP3, FLAC, Ogg, Audible, Rhapsody, etc.). The player also supports SanDisk’s new slotRadio initiative.

The Clip+ will be available starting tomorrow in 2GB, 4GB, and 8GB for $40, $50, and $70, respectively.

Product Page [SanDisk via CNET]