Micro MP3 player fits right in your ear


After some initial investigation, I can’t figure out how you skip tracks on this thing. Can’t figure out the volume either. Shuffle function? Not sure. There seems to be but a single button. Perhaps everything is controlled via a cryptic series of multiple button presses a la the iPod shuffle. Whatever the case, this is the “MP3 Micro Sport” from Thanko.

It fits right in your ear! So throw your hands in the air, use one of those hands to insert the device into your ear, and then proceed to wave them (your hands) like you just don’t care.

But Doug! What about my other ear?

Fear not, there’s a single earbud that runs from the device’s USB port out to your other ear.key-holder-spy-camera-005

So you’ve still got a cord to deal with unless you’re keen on listening to everything in mono.

There’s a 2GB version for $55 and a 4GB version for $77, although details beyond that are as miniscule as the product itself. Proceed with caution.

MP3 Micro Sport [GeekStuff4u via Gizmodo]