U100 From iRiver Is Sexy And Zune-Like; You Will Probably Never Have One

Now, I’m not saying that this particular gadget is the best thing in the world, but I do have to say that I like the look, and of course microSDHC support and a big battery are a plus. The interface looks very Zune-like, right down to the circled triangle for “play” and the sans-serif, left-aligned white-on-dark typography. Maybe they did it first and Microsoft copied them?

Whatever the case, the U100 has a 3.1″ 480×320 touchscreen, 4-16GB of space inside (remember, you’ve got a card slot too), and a big ol’ battery that promises a full 50 hours of audio playback, or 11 of video. Even my excellent Zune HD can’t match that.

[via Journal du Geek and Anything But iPod]