MOG Is Dead, Corpse Now Points To Its Acquirer Beats

After 9 years in the game, MOG has completely shut down its streaming music service and now directs users to Beats, which acquired it in July 2012 for $14 million…and which was itself acquired

Beats Will Shut Down MOG Music April 15; MOG Founder Joins Stealth Mobile Startup Chosen

As Beats Music turns up the volume on its new streaming service (which is <a target="_blank" href="">now live</a> in the App Store), it is c

Apple’s Tim Cook Met With Beats To Talk About The Company’s New ‘Daisy’ Streaming Music Service

Apple CEO Tim Cook met with Beats Electronics CEO Jimmy Iovine in L.A. in late February, according to a report from Reuters today. The news comes just as Beats project 'Daisy," a streaming music servi

MOG’s Music-Focused Ad Network Sold To Townsquare Media

Before it was a music streaming service <a href="">that was acquired by Beats</a>, MOG was

MOG Went For A Song. HTC Says Beats Paid Only $14M For The Music Streaming Service

Yesterday, <a href="">Beats Electronics confirmed</a> that it was buying the music streami

Beats’ Acquisition Of MOG Confirmed: ‘Beats Was Never Just About Headphones’ [Updated]

Looks like the reports that have been <a target="_blank" href=",0,851537.story">in p

Music Streaming Service MOG Comes To Ford SYNC AppLink

<a target="_blank" href="">MOG</a>, the popular streaming music service, today announced that it is partnering with Ford to bring its service to the car manufacturer's <a target="_blank"

What’s The Best iPad Streaming Music App? MOG’s New iPad App vs Rdio vs Spotify

Don't stop the music. It seems obvious, but <a href="">MOG</a> is the first of the big on-demand music streaming services to get this right on a tablet. Today <a href="

MOG Finally Gets Around To Releasing A Native Windows App

MOG has been making headlines this week because of their potential acquisition by <a href="">Taiwanese phone man

HTC, Where Innovation Is Bought (And That’s A Good Thing)

HTC’s is the Cinderella story of the mobile market — they’ve gone from low-key provider of Windows Mobile hardware to Android-powered smartphone titan within the span of just a few years. Imp

MOG Partners With JVC & Aha, Is Coming To Subaru Vehicles

Music streaming service <a href="">MOG</a> is today announcing partnerships with mobile, audio and video equipment manufacturer <a href="">JVC</a> as

MOG Latest Music Service To Become Available On Logitech’s Squeezebox

There's already a <a href="">bunch of music apps</a> available for Logitech's <a href="">Squeez

Streaming Music Service MOG To Be Pre-Loaded On AT&T’s New LTE Phones

Unlimited streaming music service MOG is expanding its footprint yet again with a new AT&T deal that will see its mobile application pre-installed on <a href="


Earlier today we ventured to downtown New York for a demo of a BMW equipped with MOG's music streaming app. <a href="

SoundCloud, Deezer And Rhapsody Revealed As Facebook Music Launch Partners?

I love <a href="">Yvo Schaap</a>, even though I've never met him in person. Wanna know why? Because the man keeps on digging up interesting stuff by simply perusing code, a

Two Key Features Of Facebook Music: Scrobbling And Track Unification

Yesterday, we outlined a bit of what <a href="">we've heard about Facebook's upcoming f8 conference</a>. One big launch will be their official foray into musi

Unlimited Music Service MOG Launches A Desktop App For The Mac

<a href="">MOG</a>, the all-you-can-eat streaming music service that competes with the likes of Spotify and Rdio, has some good news for Mac users: it's just launched a native applic

MOG Rolls Out Slick HTML5 Player, With A New Emphasis On Recommendations And Playlists

<img src="" alt="" />The online music race is now an all-out sprint: Amazon, Google, and Apple are now all offering (or preparing to laun

Like A Double Rainbow, MOG Comes To Sonos

<img src="" />If you're a <a HREF="">Sonos</a> fan you'll be happy to know t

Keen On… Will The Music Revolution Be Streamed? (TCTV)

<img src="" alt="" title="ExcerptScreen shot 2011-05-16 at 10.57.47 AM 2" width="215" height="120" cla
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