MOG’s Music-Focused Ad Network Sold To Townsquare Media

Before it was a music streaming service that was acquired by Beats, MOG was a music blog network. It launched in 2008 as the MOG Music Network, an ad network to monetize that content. Townsquare Media has acquired that last part of MOG.

MOG operated one of the most important music-focused ad networks, with 170 million monthly global unique visitors.

The advertising partners will now be able to reach visitors of Townsquare-owned content websites such as PopCrush, ScreenCrush, and many others — Townsquare operates 244 radio stations and companion websites.

Beats paid $14 million for MOG’s streaming service while MOG has raised $25 million over the years. Townsquare Media and MOG did not disclose the amount paid to acquire the ad network.

In addition to serving ads on those local niche websites, it seems that Townsquare will continue to provide the MOG Music Network to publishing partner websites. Yet, advertisers now have many effective ways to reach music fans on the web without going through a traditional ad network. For example, Spotify and Pandora are two popular services that offer a free ad-supported plan. Concert discovery services such as Bandsintown offer ad spots as well.