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This startup believes mobile apps for businesses should work more like consumer apps

Have you noticed the massive gap between consumer and business apps on your phone? While consumer apps are both beautifully designed and easy to use, business apps are simply painful to use. A Europea

Most subscription mobile apps don’t make money, new report shows

Investors know that most startups fail, but something that may be less understood is how few mobile apps actually make money. According to a new analysis of the subscription app economy from mobile su

What’s next for under new owner Automattic, as Apple cracks down on rival Beeper

What’s next for The all-in-one messaging app was acquired this fall by owner Automattic for $50 million, marking the company’s first official expansion into the w

Bluesky says it will allow users to opt out of the public web interface after backlash

Bluesky is changing course by allowing users to opt out of a change that would expose their posts to the public web. Last month, the company announced its decentralized alternative to Twitter/X would

Mastodon tackles the problem of ‘reply guys’ with its latest feature

Mastodon’s latest update is tackling a problem Twitter users know all too well: the scourge of the “reply guys.” A colloquial term for the men who regularly reply to women’s po owner buys all-in-one messaging app for $50M and Tumblr owner Automattic is adding another company to its portfolio with today’s news that it has acquired the all-in-one messaging app for $50 million. The app brings

Bird Buddy, the AI-powered bird feeder startup, now lets anyone use its app to birdwatch

Bird Buddy, the startup behind multiple AI-powered smart bird feeders, including the recently announced smart Hummingbird Feeder and Bird Bath, is today launching its latest product — and it&#82

AI-powered BeFake is a real app, not a BeReal parody…and it has $3M in funding

BeFake, a social networking app that combines concepts from popular Gen Z app BeReal along with AI technology, has netted itself $3 million in seed funding to create an AI-augmented social network. Th

Skich, a discovery app for mobile games, now lets you launch and manage downloads

Skich, a Tinder-like game recommendation app where users swipe and discover mobile games based on their interests, rolled out a new feature that allows users to launch, collect, sort and delete games

TechCrunch+ Roundup: How VCs spot liars, venture debt basics, getting legal help (without going broke)

Hot takes will not help your startup gain media traction. Reporters are looking for actual expertise and opinions supported by facts and experience.

Threads in decline? Don’t count out Instagram’s new Twitter rival yet

A Wall Street Journal article on Friday warns that Instagram’s new Twitter competitor Threads is already losing steam. Citing third-party data from Sensor Tower, the paper reports the number of

After a worrying decline in 2022, consumer spending on apps returns to record growth

After a slowing of the app economy that saw consumer spending drop for the first time in 2022, things are starting to look up. According to a new report on in-app spending for the first half of 2023 f

A popular Android app began secretly spying on its users months after it was listed on Google Play

A cybersecurity firm says a popular Android screen recording app that racked up tens of thousands of downloads on Google’s app store subsequently began spying on its users, including by stealing

Snap announces tests of sponsored links in My AI, new ad products for Spotlight and Stories

After Snap’s stock took a hit from its weak first-quarter earnings, the company today made its pitch to advertisers at IAB’s NewFronts where it introduced new ad products and opportunities

RTRO launches an algorithm-free social app for friends, creators and brands

Ahead of Meta’s launch of a text-based social network, female-founded social networking startup RTRO is launching its app this week with the goal of connecting brands, creators and their fans an

This Week in Apps: Apple ‘sherlocks’ journaling apps, Twitter’s checkmark apocalypse, Snap summit recap

Welcome back to This Week in Apps, the weekly TechCrunch series that recaps the latest in mobile OS news, mobile applications and the overall app economy. The app economy in 2023 hit a few snags, as c

Microsoft banks on regulations to build a mobile games store

To break Google and Apple's app store duopoly, Microsoft is now preparing to build its own mobile games store, banking on upcoming regulations.

Get utterly roasted by Carrot Weather’s new chatbot with ChatGPT update

“Greetings, meatbag.” Carrot Weather, the snarky weather app that delivers daily forecasts, has launched a ChatGPT-based chatbot that delivers even more sass. The feature is rolling out globally t

Tapbots launches a new Mastodon client, Ivory, after Twitter kills its Tweetbot app

Tapbots, the makers of popular third-party Twitter app Tweetbot that was recently killed by Twitter’s API changes, is releasing its next new product. Hoping to fill the void that Tweetbot leaves

Delta launches free Wi-Fi

At CES, Delta Air Lines today announced that it will launch free Wi-Fi for all members of its SkyMiles frequent flier program starting February 1. This free service, which the company is launching in
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