Developing Targeted Initiatives For Women Of Color In Tech

More than 30 diverse tech startups recently attended the first-ever White House Demo Day as part of President Obama’s Startup America initiative to call attention to the low numbers of women and min

Google’s Tepid Plan To Boost Diversity At Tech Conferences

Less than a month after admitting it hires too many white dudes, Google is committing to increasing the number of women and minorities in tech to better reflect society at large.

Google Admits It Hires Too Many White Dudes

Today, one of the valley’s biggest employers, Google, is finally opening up about workplace diversity and how it goes about hiring women and minorities. The gist is that Google knows it ha

The Search For Minority Entrepreneurs Is Over — Now They Need To Be Ready For Investors

<strong>Editor’s note:</strong> <em>Wayne Sutton is the founder and CEO of <a target="_blank" href="http://pitchto.co/">PitchTo</a>, a mobile development lab that builds tools for investors to make

An Interview With CODE2040, A Non-Profit Out To Diversify Silicon Valley

I had a chance to discuss an amazing new non-profit program called CODE2040 with one of its founders today, Laura Weidman Powers. The mission of this program is to bring diversity to Silicon Valley by

Minority-Focused Startup Incubator DreamIt Access Gets Renewed Investment, Will Continue For Two More Cycles

Startup accelerator <a target="_blank" href="http://www.crunchbase.com/financial-organization/dreamit-ventures">DreamIt Ventures</a> is extending its minority-focused entrepreneur program DreamIt Ac

7 New Educational Startups Founded By Minorities in Tech

One of today's most challenging yet promising markets is the educational system. If you want to see startups hungry to disrupt an industry, look no further. Founders are trying to solve the problems p

DreamIt Ventures Launches A New Minority-Focused Accelerator, DreamIt Access

<a href="http://www.dreamitventures.com/">DreamIt Ventures</a>, the startup incubator with programs in place in New York, Philadelphia, and, <a href="https://techcrunch.com/2012/01/17/dreamit-ventures