• For The World Cup, McDonald’s Turns #FryFutbol Into Twitter’s First Globally Promoted Trend

    For The World Cup, McDonald’s Turns #FryFutbol Into Twitter’s First Globally Promoted Trend

    If you’ve logged onto Twitter this morning, you may have noticed that the top trend is promotion called #FryFutbol. Nothing unusual, right? It’s the first day of the World Cup, so it makes sense that a brand (in this case McDonald’s) would advertise to piggyback on an enormously popular sports event. Here’s what is a little unusual: The Promoted Trend is apparently… Read More

  • Augmented Reality Explorer Steve Mann Assaulted At Parisian McDonald’s

    Augmented Reality Explorer Steve Mann Assaulted At Parisian McDonald’s

    You deserve a break today, indeed. Augmented reality pioneer Steve Mann visited a Parisian McDonald’s with his family earlier this month. Mann has a system called the EyeTap physically installed in his skull that records photos and video, and can display augmented reality data directly in the user’s line of sight. Upon ordering, McDonald’s employees at 140, Avenue Champs… Read More

  • The New Twitter Brand Pages, With Bold Banners And Pinned Videos

    The New Twitter Brand Pages, With Bold Banners And Pinned Videos

    Twitter unveiled a major redesign today which will be rolling out slowly. We’ve covered some of the main aspects already such as the new timeline and discover features, as well as how Twitter is trying to become more mainstream and accessible. One major change for brands, however, is new brand pages. Not everyone can see what these look like yet, so I’ve pasted some screenshots… Read More

  • I'm Not Sure This Augments Your Reality, But Brightkite Gets Better AR Ads

    Back in December, the location-based service Brightkite rolled out a new layer to its Augmented Reality (AR) view: ads. At the time, these were Google ads that showed up in a “relatively unobtrusive” way, as ReadWriteWeb put it. Now, those ads are getting more obtrusive because some big brands are on board. Brightkite has been working with both Starbucks and McDonalds to bring… Read More

  • Free Wi-Fi at McDonald’s starts today. Buh, buh, bup, buh, bah, I’m lovin’ it!!!

    Ah yes. Nothing better than toting your laptop into McDonald’s and going through a handful of napkins every time you need to type something or move the mouse cursor. The food there is greasy, I guess would be the main takeaway from that sentence. Read More

  • ChargePoint electric vehicle charging stations coming to a McDonalds

    You’ll soon be able to roll up to a McD’s for some delicious food and charge your plug-in vehicle at the same time. There is only one word to describe this: Awesome! Read More

  • Zune to get wireless access at McDonalds. Do you care?

    The skinny: Internet provider Wayport is allowing Zune WiFi access in more than 9,800 McD’s restaurants.  Sounds great with the social networking and WiFi Marketplace, but Zune owners, would you ever view this access as something more than a novelty? Read More

  • Boingo invades McDonalds

    I can’t remember the last time I grabbed a bite to eat at McDonalds. Wait. No. I remember now. It was right after I watched “Super Size Me” and I had the biggest craving for a Big Mac. It was tasty. Well, the next time you’re grubbin’ on some disgusting fast food at McD’s be sure to pull up clips of “Super Size Me” and watch Morgan Spurlock puke… Read More

  • Video: How to order a ghetto Big Mac

    What does this ghetto big mac video have to do with technology? Not much, admittedly, but it’s a hack. We like hacks here. (Many of us are hacks, in fact.) The video explains how to order what’s called a “ghetto big mac” by “remixing” the McDonalds Dollar Menu. It essentially involves ordering a double cheeseburger, fries, then asking for sauce and a… Read More

  • Robosapiens Infest McDonald's Kids' Meals

    , and now we see them proliferating into kids’ meals. Starting today, if your munchkin gets a kids’ meal at McDonald’s, it’ll get one of seven robosapien toys. Each of the toys have different functions, from lame ass wind-up action, to running, talking and chomping. Fun for the whole family. Collect the whole set, then bend over to be reamed by your new… Read More

  • McDonald's MP3 Players Come With Malware

    McDonald’s recently launched a promo in Japan that gave away 10,000 McMP3 Players loaded with 10 pre-loaded songs. What else was pre-loaded? Why, only a little Trojan horse, the QQPass Trojan horse, to be exact. QQPass grabs your passwords and other personal information and then emails the details to the author of the program. Awesome. McDonald’s says only a “portion”… Read More