• McAfee: Sneaky Teens Surf On PCs More Than Mobile, Facebook Rules Over All Other Social Networks

    McAfee: Sneaky Teens Surf On PCs More Than Mobile, Facebook Rules Over All Other Social Networks

    Going mobile may be the mantra for a lot of tech companies these days, but if they’re in the business of targeting teenagers with their services, perhaps they should think twice: over 37 percent of teens use laptops, and a further 30 percent rely on desktop machines to surf online and engage with digital content, but only 13.5 percent use smartphones and only five percent use tablets… Read More

  • McAfee: Mobile Malware Explodes, Increases 1,200% In Q1 2012

    McAfee: Mobile Malware Explodes, Increases 1,200% In Q1 2012

    Security and anti-spam firm McAfee today reported that it saw a massive uptick in mobile malware last quarter. Mobile malware has “exploded,” the company said (PDF), “with a significant increase on Android devices. In addition, McAfee also found a slight increase in malware targeting the Mac, but the report notes that this trend was not “extreme.” Despite the… Read More

  • McAfee: Nearly All New Mobile Malware In Q3 Targeted At Android Phones

    McAfee: Nearly All New Mobile Malware In Q3 Targeted At Android Phones

    Intel-owned McAfee has released its third quarter security report, which shows that malware targeted towards phones running on the Android operating system continues to be on the rise. According to the report, Android OS solidified its lead as the primary target for new mobile malware. The amount of malware targeted at Android devices jumped nearly 37 percent since last quarter, and puts 2011… Read More

  • McAfee: Change In Corporate Culture Leaves Businesses Vulnerable To Hackers

    McAfee, the computer security company, has issued a fresh warning to the world’s corporations and other large organizations. The firm has warned that hackers now have these bodies fully in their sights, and that a combination of the de-centralization of the workplace (thanks to to proliferation of mobile devices and the like) and the move to the cloud means in-house security technicians… Read More

  • Intel's McAfee Acquires Sentrigo To Boost Database Security Offerings

    Intel-owned McAfee is announcing an acquisition this morning—database security company Sentrigo. Terms of the deal were not disclosed. Sentrigo, which has raised $19 million in venture funding from Benchmark Capital, Stata Venture Partners and Juniper Networks,, provides host-based software that protects enterprise databases by monitoring all activity in the database in real-time… Read More

  • McAfee's Top Tips To Keep You Safe From Valentine's Day Scams & Malware

    Continuing our series of Valentine’s Day-related posts, let’s take a moment to talk about security. Valentine’s Day is a particularly onerous time of year when it comes to keeping your computer safe from malware and other maladies. “Hackers” (or whatever you want to call the people who craft and disseminate malware, steal private information, etc.) prey upon… Read More

  • Malware Finds People Searching For Pirated Simpsons Episodes

    Just a friendly heads-up for those of you looking to stay as safe as possible in your online travels. A post on Kaspersky’s blog has warned of the dangers of trying to watch pirated TV shows online. In this example, an episode of The Simpsons, hosted on DailyMotion, sends the user on a wild goose chase, the end result of which a machine infected with something like MyWebSearch. You… Read More

  • McAfee's Tips To Keep You Safe Online: Mostly Common Sense (One Would Think!)

    This should be an interesting year when it comes to keeping your data safe. Odds are you (and even your parents!) either have or will have a smartphone of some sort this year, and odds are evildoers will be trying their hardest to ruin your life: steal your credit card info, hack your Twitter account, order 10 pizzas and send them your house without you knowing, etc. Traitorware! Read More

  • McAfee's 2011 Cyber Attack Targets: URL Shorteners, iPhones, Geolocation Services

    Intel acquired McAfee has just released its forecast for the top targets for cyber criminals in 2011, and a number of popular platforms have made the list. The antivirus and security software company’s labs group, McAfee Labs, says that Google’s Android, Apple’s iPhone, Foursquare, Google TV and the Mac OS X platform, are all expected to be targets in the New Year. McAfee… Read More

  • McAfee Jumps On The URL Shortening Bandwagon With

    Antivirus and security software company McAfee, for reasons unknown, has apparently decided the world needs yet another URL shortening service. The company this morning launched the beta version of, which it purports is a service that lets people create safe short URLs. Which I think means that, unlike all the others, you don’t need to wear safety gloves to use it. Read More

  • Want To Stay Safe On The Web? Stop Looking For Free Stuff

    The advent of the Internet has gradually made a lot of things free, as in beer or otherwise. And people love free stuff, so unsurprisingly many turn to search sites to scour the Web for free music, movies, software and other digital media. Which in turn significantly increases the risk of landing on websites filled with malicious links, code, ads and video viewing tools, security software… Read More