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Salesforce co-CEO Keith Block steps down

Salesforce today announced that Keith Block, the company’s co-CEO, is stepping down. This leaves company founder Marc Benioff as the sole CEO and chair of the CRM juggernaut. Block’s bio h

Former Oracle co-CEO Mark Hurd has passed away

Mark Hurd, who until last month was one of two CEOs leading the database software giant Oracle, has passed away at age 62, one month after telling employees in a letter that he was taking a leave of

Mark Hurd, the co-CEO of Oracle, is taking a leave of absence, citing health reasons

Mark Hurd, one of two CEOs leading the database software giant Oracle, is taking a leave of absence owing to health reasons, he told employees in a letter today. Oracle has not specified what Hurd&#82

As globalization slows, new startup Globality raises $27 million to bring SMBs to world markets

Global capitalism is in a bit of pickle right now. Goldman Sachs (either a vampire squid or the second-best investment bank in the world, depending on your point of view) came out with a report ear

Oracle Stock Drops 2.5% On News That Larry Ellison Has Relinquished His CEO Title

Today after the bell, Oracle announced that its long-time premier Larry Ellison is no longer its CEO. Former HP CEO Mark Hurd will take over the job in partnership with Safra Catz. Catz will manage fi

WITN: The Dumbest and Smartest People of 2010, Plus Our Predictions for 2011 (TCTV)

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Oracle CEO Larry Ellison Rips "Vindictive" HP Lawsuit

<img class="shot2" src="" alt="" />The dramatic battle between Mark Hurd, HP, and Oracle continues. Yesterday Oracle <

HP Confirms It Is Suing Mark Hurd For Potential Leakage Of Trade Secrets To Oracle

<img class="alignright size-full wp-image-216586" title="mark-hurd-1" src="" alt="" />It seems like only yesterday that Oracle announced

Oracle Hires Former HP CEO Mark Hurd As Co-President

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Mark Hurd Had The Lowest Employee Approval Rating (34%) Of Any Major Tech CEO

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The HP/Hurd Accusations: Now With More WTF

<img src="">Something weird is going on over at <a HREF="">HP</a>. This whole

HP CEO Mark Hurd Resigns, This Looks Messy

<img src="" />Well this is unexpected, HP has just announced that CEO <a href="">Mark Hurd</a> i