• Remember Jitterbug Phones For Seniors? Here’s The iPad Equivalent

    Remember Jitterbug Phones For Seniors? Here’s The iPad Equivalent

    Remember Jitterbug, the big-buttoned phones for seniors that made using those confusing, new-fangled cellphone thingies so much easier to handle? Well it looks like someone has gone out and built the equivalent for the iPad. Which literally made me laugh out loud when I read the news, because the iPad is the first computer I’ve ever seen seniors adopt in droves. But hello anyway… Read More

  • Video: Presenting The World's Worst Hacker

    This, ladies and gentlemen, is good clean fun for everyone. It’s a video, yes, and one that shows what could be the world’s worst hacker attempting to create a little mischief. This is genuinely worth the click-through, trust me. Read More

  • T-minus 3 days till The Pirate Sale goes through (maybe)

    You know how on the Internet, after something particularly stupid happens, someone says, “I lol’d”? Well, I lol’d after reading the following two sentences: “There is uncertainty surrounding the purchase of file-sharing website The Pirate Bay (TPB) by Swedish-based Global Gaming Factory (GGF). Trading in GGF shares has been suspended and there are reports that… Read More

  • Lol: Release group pred a copy of Windows 98 today

    Too funny! Someone (iND) actually pred a copy of Windows 98 SE today. Read More

  • iPhone 3G 2.0 spotted on Tokyo train

    As I was taking the train to Akihabara this morning I spotted a strange handset with an Apple logo. I immediately realized that what I was seeing was the iPhone 3G 2.0. I couldn’t believe my weary eyes. I had hit the jackpot. Hit the jump to see the new hotness. Read More

  • Those are MY hands on the Blu-Ray thing, Engadget, just for the record

    I was just fondling the world-first Panasonic portable Blu-Ray player and getting it on video, and lots of people were taking pictures all around me. And when I start uploading the video, I find I’ve been scooped! Oh no! Well, at least I got scooped by the official blog partner of CES, bless their hearts. Wait! That looks a lot like my jacket! Yes – and those are unmistakably my… Read More

  • Grains of War will curb stomp your appetite Perhaps I’m a cynic, but I really expected this Gears of War parody spot, made by the folks on G4’s X-Play, to suck something fierce. Then Cole Train dumped cereal all over his face, and my worries drifted away. Read More

  • Best Buy Black Friday VIP winners announced: Lots of strange ‘I love shopping!’ essays

    Best Buy had some sort of Black Friday VIP contest going on where the chain invited people to send in their best Black Friday essay. I know. The winners get a $1,000 Best Buy gift card, a trip to a store in a limo, the opportunity to buy up to four “doorbusters,” and so on. I’ve picked out a few excerpts that may interest you. Read More

  • The Joy of Tech explains how iTunes Genius works, kinda

    The Joy of Tech presents, How the iTunes Genius Really works… Cute, I guess. Then again, my sense of humor is so warped that what makes the average geek laugh may not have the same effect on me. What I would like to see is a proper, investigative piece into how Genius works. Apparently Apple isn’t too forthcoming on the ins and outs of it, so we may just have to accept the Joy… Read More

  • Open Tech launches!!!!11!1!

    This is it, folks. The moment everyone has been waiting for. Hot off our tip line (and that of every other gadget blog on the planet, according to the CC): “Open Tech computers are now on sale! We have officially launched all products in our Web Store.” Open Tech: Because nothing says quality like stock photos hosted on Read More

  • JCrew uploads two product images: one before photoshop, one after photoshop

    When you look at this JCrew product page, does anything stand out as peculiar? If you’re thinking “Holy crap! Lounge crinkle tissue pants for only $39.99, what a steal!”, take another look. More specifically, check out the product sample images. Roll over the first two a couple times. Yep. Likely as a result of a simple naming convention error during saving, two versions of… Read More