The 32GB 4G LTE BlackBerry PlayBook Is Now Available From Canadian Carriers For $550

RIM announced the 4G LTE BlackBerry PlayBook earlier this month and it’s finally available from several Canadian carriers. The LTE tablet is slightly upgraded from its WiFi-only counterpart with a 1.5GHz CPU and 32GB storage option, but the main difference is the new LTE radio.

The 7-inch PlayBook is a pretty little package and the operating system is finally a contender. The tablet might have a chance if RIM was in a position to price the PlayBook competitively.

The LTE PlayBook is expensive. It’s available through Bell and Rogers for $350 with a three-year contract (lengthy contracts are normal in Canada). The 32GB LTE PlayBook is also available through TELUS without a contract for $550.

RIM is a tough situation. With its dire financial situation, RIM cannot aggressively price the 4G PlayBook. It likely cannot take a loss on the hardware sales hence the above market pricing. RIM has yet to announce the 4G PlayBook’s US price or release date.