Video: Presenting The World's Worst Hacker

This, ladies and gentlemen, is good clean fun for everyone. It’s a video, yes, and one that shows what could be the world’s worst hacker attempting to create a little mischief. This is genuinely worth the click-through, trust me.

What’s going on is that someone, known only to the outside world as the world’s worst hacker, had tried to break into a honeypot, with hilarious results.

A honeypot, of course, is a computer that’s used to “detect, deflect, or in some manner counteract attempts at unauthorized use of information systems.” You connect a completely vulnerable computer to the Internet in order to study how “hackers” try to exploit security vulnerabilities. It goes back to the old days of spies and counter-spies, where honeypots or honeytraps were usually attractive women whose entire raison d’être was to catch unsuspecting agents and steal information from them while their defenses were down. A fine example can be found in the movie Munich.