New pics of U.S. Navy-Raytheon's laser attack

<img src="" />Well, well, well. Yesterday morning I wrote a quick thing about the U.S. Navy and Raytheon’s <a HREF="http://www.crunchge

'Better than Star Wars' laser shoots down flying aircraft for first time in history

<img src="" />There’s no way to begin this next story without breaking out this movie quote: “If I were creating the world I wouldn'

Auction off your Cease and Desist from LucasFilm for fun and profit

Remember that cool-looking Spyder III Pro Arctic laser from WickedLasers? Remember how LucasFilm thought it looked a little too much like a lightsaber? Remember how they then served WickedLasers a Cea

WickedLasers Spyder III Pro Arctic Laser burns all comers

Holy wow. I saw this thing this morning but I forgot about it. Then Kyle at Giz pointed out that this laser – made from diodes out of a Casio slim projector – costs only $200 and can burn

Mapping the Mayans with high-powered lasers

<img src="" />You tend to think of archaeologists as academic types, dusting off pottery shards and bones, and a comfy tent in the desert.

Laser-powered rain: sounds too awesome to be true

<img src="" />Here in Seattle (<a href="">welcome!</a>

DIY: the laser jacket

<img src="" />So somehow, you've ended up with 200 laser pointers. What on earth do you do with 200 laser diodes? Well, you could

Laser beam clock tells time with mirrors

<img src="" />Those wacky artists at <a href="

Concept watch tells time with frikkin' lasers

<img src="" />One look at what this watch does will tell you that it's just a concept, and will most likely never see the light of

Next Mars rover to have frikkin' lasers

<img src="" alt="" title="n_chemcam-art-cover1-660x551" width="325" height="213" class="alignright size-full wp-ima

So, so awesome: tactical laser takes down ballistic missile (video)

<img src="" />Do you see what I'm seeing? That big ol' column in the first shot is a LASER. A huge, sustained, sci-fi style laser. It's

New system used to protect airplanes from lasers, soon to work against sharks with freakin' lasers, too

<img src="">So the Federal Aviation Administration doesn't like guys like you and me shining lasers into the sky at airplane

Star Wars Lightsaber laser pointers make for an easy purchasing decision

<img src="">As laser pointers go, you could do far worse than this little keychain Lightsaber. I mean think

Just what the Airzooka needed — a laser scope

<img src="" alt="airzooka" />Some of you may recall the Airzooka -- a large cannon-like apparatus that, thanks to the magic of physics, so

It's… a functioning beam katana

<img src="" />Similar to a light saber but <a href="">more Nintendo-y</a>, th

Laser guns becoming a reality

<img src="" />Well, we're getting closer to having laser weaponry. Northrop Grumman announced recently that they were able to ge

Video Review: Spyder II GX laser

<img src="">There are lasers and then there are lasers. The Spyder II GX is a crazy 200-300mW green laser that can burn through p

Avenger Laser weapon knocks UAV out of the air

<img src="" />Gosh, <a href="">these lase

Think a Gamma Knife sounds cool? How about a Photonic Needle

Researchers at St. Andrews University in Scotland have created a new technique for delivering drugs to individual cells which is essentially an incredibly precise laser fired from a fiber the width of

Sanyo blue laser diode could double Blu-ray capacity

A new blue laser diode, developed by Sanyo, could help increase the capacity of Blu-ray discs. Even if it does, however, we’re still a few years away from seeing any such discs. The new diode em
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