Concept watch tells time with frikkin' lasers

One look at what this watch does will tell you that it’s just a concept, and will most likely never see the light of day (no pun intended). The Aurora Watch was designed by Jihun Yeom, and features a hollow face that makes it look like you lost part of your wristwatch, until you push a button and two lasers come out of the bezel to show you the time.

Now, despite the obvious problems like power consumption and the fact that a laser that’s visible in daylight will probably burn a hole in you, there’s the subject of cost. I really doubt that anyone who has the money to buy something like this would choose it over a Omega or Rolex. It’s a geek watch, but very few geek types will ever be able to afford it. I guess we’ll just consign it to the concept file and call it a day. Or figure out how to mount this on a shark.

[via Geekologie]