Wicked Lasers Releases Light-Up “Laser Saber” On Star Wars Day

Have you ever wanted to feel like a real Sith and/or blind your friends? Well buy yourself a massive WickedLaser’s laser and the $99 “laser saber” attachment and get ready to buy a guide dog!

This saber screws into any WickedLasers $300 S3 laser (which are, arguably badass) and a special gravity powered plug makes it look like the laser is slowly powering up just like in the movies that WickedLasers is not associating itself with in any way.

Generally, this isn’t quite what we’ve all been dreaming of – namely a finite-point plasma sword with the power to cut through steel bulkhead doors – but if you and your friends don’t mind spending a few hundred on lasers and attachments and you have a pair of welder’s goggles handy, these might make for a great afternoon of fun/potential blindness.

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