WickedLasers Releases 1.25W Spyder Super Laser

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This being Shark Week and all, budding super villains may be interested in this 1.25W laser from WickedLasers. This monstrous slab of electronics sends out a beam powerful enough to pop multiple balloons and looks like a light saber. It would look great on your shark’s head.

The 1.25W version of the WickedLasers Spyder S3 costs $399.95 and require eye protection to operate.

It’s chassis is crafted from aircraft-grade aluminum which makes it virtually indestructible and allows for an unlimited duty cycle. A “Morse code” cipher lock is built in so unauthorized users cannot enable your laser.

If you’re tempted, please remember that these are not toys. We’ve reviewed a few of these things over the years and they’re some serious ordnance. I very nearly burned my cornea once because I was being a doofus. Practice safe lasing, kids.