Just what the Airzooka needed — a laser scope


Some of you may recall the Airzooka — a large cannon-like apparatus that, thanks to the magic of physics, somehow shoots a ball of air at unsuspecting office mates. Well apparently shooting a ball of air is now much more fun and accurate with the addition of a laser scope.

UK-based gadget shop I Want One Of Those is now selling the Laser Airzooka. With the original Airzooka going for $13 at ThinkGeek, the laser scope fetches quite a premium with the Laser Airzooka selling for almost $33.

Call me crazy, but it seems that blasting a big floating ball of air wouldn’t necessitate the skills of a highly-trained marksman. Except, of course, that you’re not supposed to aim the laser at anyone’s eyeballs, which means shooting someone in the face with a ball of air is going to require some pretty steady aim after all.

Laser Airzooka [iwantoneofthose.com via Foolish Gadgets]