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Review: Apple’s iPhone XR is a fine young cannibal

This iPhone is great. It is most like the last iPhone — but not the last “best” iPhone — more like the last not as good iPhone. It’s better than that one though, just not as good as

Amazon Prime Video finally lands on Apple TV

Tim Cook said six months ago Amazon Prime Video was coming to Apple TV sometime before the end of the year. And here it is: the long-awaited app is finally available on Apple TV and the iOS flavor was

The iPhone X is now available for pre-order

The iPhone X, the device TechCrunch is calling Apple’s best iPhone ever, is now available for pre-order. In case you’ve spent the last month living under a rock and missed the news —

This video shows the iPhone X’s crazy app switching swipe

The iPhone X is about to be released, and somehow, either officially sanctioned or otherwise, a handful of videos have appeared showing different functions of the device. What follows is a short video

Apple continues Asia expansion with its first retail store in Taiwan

Apple has continued to expand its retail footprint in Asia after the iPhone-maker opened its first store in Taiwan this weekend. The inaugural Apple Store is located in Taipei 101, a landmark skyscra

Apple iPhone sees first YOY sales dip ever

For the first time in its history, the iPhone is experiencing a drop in sales. In 2015 at this same time, Apple sold 61 million units of the iPhone. This year, for the period ending March, Apple only

What Is The Fate Of Apple’s iPhone 5C?

With Apple releasing new iPhones next week, the question arises: what will happen to its existing models? With recent releases, Apple has kept older devices around to serve it at lower price points in

Mozilla’s Chief Marketing Exec Is Modeling For Apple (Updated)

While Mozilla is recovering from the <a href="https://techcrunch.com/2014/04/03/brendan-eich-resigns-as-mozilla-ceo-following-criticism-of-his-support-for-prop-8/">resignation of its co-founder and CE

Update: 8GB iPhone 5c Goes Up For Sale In Europe & Asia, As Apple Also Tweaks Global iPad Line-Up

As per the rumours we reported on yesterday, Apple has now added an 8GB version of the iPhone 5c to European stores. On the U.K. Apple store the 8GB device is priced at £429 unlocked, shaving £40 of

Apple Said To Be Launching An 8GB iPhone 5c Tomorrow

Apple is preparing an 8GB version of the iPhone 5c for launch, according to a series of new rumors today. There's a reported leak of a document from German carrier O2 alerting its staff to the new pho

Despite Record Sales Quarter, Apple’s iPhone 5c Likely Wasn’t Key To Growth

Apple’s iPhone sales for Q1 2014 have broken the company’s previous record, and they also mark the company’s ability to ship as many smartphones as Samsung, which was previously the

The iPhone Quietly Goes Up For Pre-Order On China Mobile

According to <a target="_blank" href="http://tech.fortune.cnn.com/2013/12/02/apple-china-mobile-suzhou/">Fortune</a>, China Mobile has begun quietly taking pre-orders for Apple's iPhone 5s and 5c smar

U.S. Cellular Gets The iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c on November 8th

U.S. Cellular, the 5th largest wireless network in the US, has announced today that it will get the iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c on November 8th. Subscribers on the network have been champing at the bit fo

Apple Reportedly Reduces iPhone 5c Orders, Increases iPhone 5s Output For Q4

Apple is cutting its orders for the iPhone 5c ahead of the fourth quarter, a new report from the Wall Street Journal claims. Citing people familiar with the situation, the WSJ says that Apple asked it

Flipcase Adds Some Fun And Games To Apple’s iPhone 5c Case

Apple may not have hit a home run with its iPhone 5c case, which in my view would've been better off without the cut-out dots on the back, but those holes have proven inspiring for at least one enterp

Don’t Despair Over The Ugly iPhone 5c Case Any Longer

The color enticed you. The playful plastic called out to you. And that cover, with silly little circular cutouts had your name all over it. $30 later, you're feeling a little silly after realizing

Apps Crash More On The iPhone 5s Than The iPhone 5

Despite the fact that you got the newest, fastest, goldest iPhone available, you may have noticed something a bit frustrating. Apps are crashing more often. Turns out, you're not going batshit cra

iPhone 5s And 5c Make Their Way To 35 New Markets Oct. 25, 17 More On Nov. 1

Apple has just announced the next round of launch dates for the iPhone 5c and iPhone 5s, and a total of 52 new markets will get the devices by November 1, with a batch of 17 getting the smartphones by

NTT Docomo Finally Gets The iPhone, But Subscribers Still Flee Due To Low Stock

Japanese carrier NTT Docomo has revealed that it experienced a record monthly drop in subscribers for September, which is somewhat surprising given that the company was the lone remaining major Japane

Two iPhones Diverged…

What I'm about to say may be considered blasphemy amongst a certain group of my peers: I think I like the iPhone 5c more than the iPhone 5s.
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