Apps Crash More On The iPhone 5s Than The iPhone 5


Despite the fact that you got the newest, fastest, goldest iPhone available, you may have noticed something a bit frustrating. Apps are crashing more often.

Turns out, you’re not going crazy.

Your brand new iPhone 5s, while shiny and quick like lightning, has actually been slightly at odds with third-party applications thanks to the introduction of new hardware, namely that powerful 64-bit processor.

According to research from Crittercism, reported by AllThingsD, apps running on the iPhone 5s crash about 2 percent of the time, whereas the iPhone 5 and iPhone 5c, which practically share the same exact innards, have a 1 percent rate of app crashes.

This is likely due to the fact that, though they prepared relentlessly for the new iOS 7 operating system, developers had no way of preparing for the new hardware architecture, especially that 64-bit processor.

Still, this is a more seamless transition than those in the past, considering that developers haven’t had to change much or any of their code with the transition to 64-bit.

Plus, Apple is aware of the issues developers are having and have already released two new updates to the OS. In other words, hang in there. It gets better.