DFS Lab is helping the developing world bootstrap itself with fintech

Entrepreneurs have it rough in Africa, India, Pakistan — places where VC cash doesn't fall from the sky and necessary infrastructure like reliable banking and broadband can be hard to come by. But c

Home decorating gets a new AR toolkit thanks to Intellectual Ventures’ new incubator

Taking another step toward shedding its reputation as the tech industry's most notorious patent troll, Intellectual Ventures is launching the first company from its incubator. The company's ISF Incuba

Google takes aim at medtech for Launchpad Studio’s first batch of AI-focused startups

Google has been going all-in on AI and machine learning for some time now, and part of that is, of course, nurturing the growing ecosystem around it, from developer tools to startups. Their latest eff

Allen-backed AI2 incubator aims to connect AI startups with world-class talent

You can't swing a cat these days without hitting some incubator or accelerator, or a startup touting its artificial intelligence chops — but for some reason, there are few if any incubators focused

Google unveils Advr, an experimental Area 120 project for advertising in VR

Google today is more formally taking the wraps off its internal incubator, Area 120, with the launch of a dedicated website, alongside the launch of one of the program’s more interesting project

London’s mayor announces £1.6M clean tech incubator

London's Mayor Sadiq Khan has announced a clean tech incubator aimed at sparking a new startup cluster in the UK capital focused on helping to foster the development of low-carbon and clean-tech prod

Crunch Report | So Hype for Hyperloop

We get first looks at the DevLoop being built out in the Nevada desert, Justin Kan launches Zero-F, a startup incubator, Goodyear's tire concept can read the road and adapt and Bose and Doppler get in

MXNet accepted to the Apache Incubator

NFX Guild’s James Currier’s journey from baiting hooks to baiting big deals

Navin Chaddha Contributor Navin Chaddha leads Mayfield. The firm invests in early-stage consumer and enterprise technology companies and currently has $2.7 billion under management. More posts by this

Charging startups to apply to an accelerator is exploitative and dumb

Yesterday, a little birdie told me about Nextt, an accelerator (probably more accurately referred to as an incubator) for early-idea-stage startups. The idea is to take a napkin-stage idea and turn it

UpWest Labs Nurtures Promising Israeli Startups In Silicon Valley

UpWest Labs was founded in 2012  with a simple idea. Israel has tons of startup talent, but much of the funding is in the U.S. The founders decided to put the two together and bring a small group of

The Department Of Energy Needs Your Help To Cut The Soft Costs Of Solar

This year, SunShot's Catalyst incubator crowdsourced 130 problem statements involving these soft costs in solar energy by letting the public vote for the issues they deem most important, which drew at

Pitney Bowes Launches Startup Accelerator In India To Hunt For Its Next Big E-Commerce, Mobile Ideas

Pitney Bowes, the 94-year-old producer of stamp postage meters attempting to become an e-commerce platform, is the latest to tap into India’s engineering talent for incubating startup ideas. The

HackerEarth Raises $500K To Help Startups Find Great Programmers

HackerEarth, a Bangalore-based startup that helps other startups hire programmers through technical challenges, has raised $500,000 in seed funding from Angelprime incubator. Launched in late 2012 by

With $20M Raised Among Grads, Israeli-American Accelerator UpWest Unveils Its Latest Cohorts Of Top-Notch Transplants

Depending on whom you ask, Silicon Valley and Israel have either had a long and prodigious symbiotic relationship when it comes to technology and technology companies, or Silicon Valley wouldn’t

500 Startups Adds Two New Venture Partners And Announces Its Eighth Accelerator Class

500 Startups has brought on two new venture partners, Sean Percival and Marvin Liao, and has announced the 28 companies that will participate in its eighth 500 Startups Accelerator class.

BrandProject Aims To Apply The Betaworks Model To Consumer Products And Goods

A new seed-stage investment fund and ‘company creation’ startup called BrandProject launched today, with offices in Toronto and New York, and a team of founders who, between them, have a b

Selling Hopes And Dreams In Southeast Asia

Being a startup means believing in your dreams, and Southeast Asia needs dreamers, say incubators. 500 Startups, for one, is keen to sell hope to the growing communities of startups in Southeast Asia,

Coinlab, The Bitcoin Incubator, Announces First Funded Company, Alydian

Most incubators aren't known for their efforts to attack niche markets - except <a target="_blank" href="">Coinlab</a>. The company, which describes its goal as "building Bitcoin bus

60+ Investors Band Together To Form BitAngels, The First Multi-City Angel Network & Incubator For Bitcoin Startups

Nobody's quite sure when (and if) Bitcoin will go mainstream, but plenty of investors and entrepreneurs have begun to place their bets. The snowball is off and rolling. <a href="https://beta.techc
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