• Star Trek to return to IMAX theaters this Friday!!!

    Did you see Star Trek. You had to see Star Trek. It was tits. But if you missed it the first time around or you need something to do for your anniversary, JJ Abrams’ Star Trek will be re-released in 85 IMAX theaters this Friday. Read More

  • Not all IMAX screens are created equal

    Did you know that not all IMAX screens are the same size? I had no idea. It seems that in order to expand its market, the company has installed smaller screens in some theaters. Actor/comedian Aziz Ansari (Observe and Report) didn’t like that his local theater has what’s now dubbed LIEMAX by some. Wired talked to the CEO of IMAX and found that it’s true, not all IMAX screens… Read More

  • Why the Star Trek IMAX isn't real IMAX

    Didja catch Star Trek last weekend? Some people did ’cause the movie brought in an estimated $72.5 million. Anyway, one of Joel Johnson’s friends just so happens to be an IMAX engineer and offers up an explanation on why the new Star Trek isn’t a real IMAX film dispite being shown on IMAX screens. She goes into a bit more detail than “it isn’t IMAX… Read More

  • "The Dark Knight" returns to theaters

    Just a heads up to the folks out in the crowd that “The Dark Knight” is back in theaters starting yesterday. Heh. If you didn’t get a chance to see it in IMAX when it came out last year then now’s your chance. Don’t let it pass you by, again. Read More

  • All is right in the world: Transformers: Rise of the Fallen coming to IMAX

    The Bay, that’s how we’re going to refer to Michael Bay from here on out, has announced that a handful of sequences from Transformers 2 will be shot with IMAX cameras. However, the rest of the movie will be re-mastered for IMAX, but those scenes will be seen in traditional letterbox. When the IMAX sequences come up the picture will fill the entire screen. The movie coming to IMAX… Read More

  • "Dark Knight" hitting IMAX again in January

    Warner Bros. have their eyes set on swooping up some Oscars this year with the “Dark Knight”, so they’ve announced that Christopher Nolan’s epic sequel in the Dark Knight series will return to IMAX theaters in January to remind voters of how awesome the movie was. There was no mention of re-releasing the film in regular theaters, though. Of course, WB just wants to… Read More

  • 'Extreme' National Geographic titles coming to Blu-ray

    National Geographic is bringing a collection of extreme sport clips shot entirelly on IMAX to Blu-ray. The film showcases snowboard, windsurfing, and rock climbing, all shot on high-def’s granddaddy. Blu-ray is the absolutely, perfect medium to showcase IMAX’s 70 mm stock, but how about World’s Wackiest Police Takedowns or When Animals Take Revenge instead of lame… Read More

  • Video: IMAX, The Dark Knight & you

    Popular Mechanics has about 20 seconds of non-trailer footage of The Dark Knight wherein the director, Christopher Nolan, explains his decision to film certain parts of the movie using IMAX cameras. Of course, the video itself isn’t embedable, but a quick trip to YouTube fixed that problem. Thanks, Popular Mechanics! Possibly even better, the second, most recent trailer in Lego form. Read More

  • DLP invades IMAX, replaces film

    Isn’t OMSI cool looking? IMAX theaters are set to rid themselves of 70mm film and replace it with TI’s fancy DLP Cinema digital movie files for 2D and 3D movies. So I guess those cool viewing bays with the film going around are now obsolete, which is kind of sad because that was neat to look at while waiting on line. At least it was at the OMSI in Portland. But the DLP cinema… Read More