Not all IMAX screens are created equal


Did you know that not all IMAX screens are the same size? I had no idea. It seems that in order to expand its market, the company has installed smaller screens in some theaters. Actor/comedian Aziz Ansari (Observe and Report) didn’t like that his local theater has what’s now dubbed LIEMAX by some.

Wired talked to the CEO of IMAX and found that it’s true, not all IMAX screens are the same size. Traditionally, an IMAX screen was around 72-feet, but the company compromised in order to install more systems in more markets. According to the CEO though, it’s not just the screen that makes an IMAX special.

These IMAX-lite theaters were apparently modified to further the IMAX experience. The projectors were upgraded, the audio systems enhanced, and the seats moved around so viewers would perceive a bigger screen. At least that’s what the CEO is saying.
View IMAX or LIEMAX? in a larger map

Still, I don’t know if I would pay the added cost to go see a movie in one of these theaters. If I’m going to see an IMAX movie, I want an effn gigantic screen. Use this Google Maps guide to see if your local IMAX is a LIEMAX.