Sony In Talks To Buy IMAX?

There are rumors going around right now that Sony is going to make a play for IMAX. Since IMAX is a major (so to speak) venue for 3D films, it makes some sense, and the sale would put Sony in control of a large amount of high-profile theaters around the country. How does that sound to you? Not so good? Yeah, same here.

Actually, I doubt it would make too much difference; it’s not like Sony theaters would fail to show movies you wanted to see. The deal would be a good one for IMAX, with the offer rumored to be $40/share and the company currently valued at around $26/share. It’s all unconfirmed, but it would make some sense. Sony likes to put itself in positions of power in the distribution structure, and the “last mile” of having control over IMAX would be a coup for them.

[via Electronista]