• When Will Doom Come To Hollywood? Crunch Network

    When Will Doom Come To Hollywood?

    Jane Austen? Shakespeare? Tolstoy? Hacks. Beethoven? Bach? Mozart? Wildly overrated. Statistically speaking, at least. It’s a curious fact that while the long-dead titans of literature and music are revered above all others, they were working in a time when the talent pool–the educated population of the planet–was a tiny rounding error compared to today’s. Read More

  • Netflix Is Bluffing And It Will Be Their Downfall

    Netflix Is Bluffing And It Will Be Their Downfall

    Editor’s note: Armando Kirwin is a filmmaker and consultant whose previous work has included Paramount Pictures, Microsoft, several startups, 13 feature films, and a handful of TV shows. In case you haven’t noticed, wannabe Hollywood analysts, err, I mean tech bloggers the world over are breathlessly opining and propagating news about Netflix CEO Reed… Read More

  • Whither, Hollywood, Wither?

    Whither, Hollywood, Wither?

    Last week I wrote about television; this week I’ve been thinking about Hollywood. Not least because a screenwriter with a pretty good track record recently attached himself to my squirrel book1 and is hoping to adapt it into a big animated movie. But it often takes five years or more to go from script to screen, so I can’t help wondering–will Hollywood as we know it still… Read More

  • Eric Kuhn and Brent Weinstein of the United Talent Agency

    Hollywood Agents Talk About Technology In Entertainment [TCTV]

    Brent Weinstein and Eric Kuhn stopped by the studio to talk about technology in entertainment, and these guys are worth listening to. Brent is Head of Digital Media for United Talent Agency in Los Angeles, where he oversees the agency’s work in online entertainment, social media, video games, and the agency’s digital consulting practice. Eric is the department’s Head of… Read More

  • Apple Buy Hollywood? That’s A Terrible Idea

    Apple Buy Hollywood? That’s A Terrible Idea

    Apple should not use its $100 billion in cash to buy, or buy into Hollywood. While it would most assuredly (ahem, cough) disrupt the system, it would not spur the kind of creative chaos and innovation that would lead to the Emerald City of any show, on demand, for free, to rent, or buy, or subscribe, and organized by taste or popularity, or you! In fact, Apple buying into Hollywood, would… Read More

  • A Tale Of Two Cities: Silicon Valley And Hollywood

    A Tale Of Two Cities: Silicon Valley And Hollywood

    Silicon Valley and Hollywood: so close geographically, yet so distant digitally and philosophically. You would think we’d understand each other better. In the Valley, we circulate pitch decks. In Hollywood, they shop around scripts. We strive for exits, while they sell distribution rights. They have record labels, we have venture capitalists. They have agents, we have recruiters. People… Read More

  • Movie Studios Approve $30 Rental Plan, Theater Owners Mightily Upset

    It must be an absolute nightmare being a Hollywood executive in 2011. Four big studios (20th Century Fox, Sony, Universal, and Warner Bros.) have announced plans to introduce a premium video-on-demand service, to debut on DirecTV next month as “Home Premiere,” that will screen movies a mere 60 days after their theatrical debut. Renting such a movie will set you back $30. And if… Read More

  • Fearing iTunes-Like Domination, Hollywood Plots Netflix's Downfall

    Shocking news: Hollywood is not a fan of Netfix. Movie studios have started to become concerned with the company’s growing influence, and they’re determined to prevent it from becoming the next iTunes, so big and powerful that it can dictate terms. The solution? Turn Netflix into a “swap meet,” where users can only find low-quality movies, that is, not the… Read More

  • Nintendo: Hollywood Showing Interest In 3DS, May Click With Consumers Before 3DTV Does

    Nintendo‘s Satoru Iwata has hinted that it’s not just the usual video game companies interested in the 3DS. Hollywood, still trying to figure out how to replicate the success of Avatar everywhere else, apparently sees the 3DS as gaining traction with consumers more quickly than 3DTVs will. If Hollywood could attach itself to the 3DS, it could try to ride the coattails of… Read More

  • Hollywood Deathly Afraid Of Google TV's Potential To Upend Television Business

    Guess who’s scaring the pants off Hollywood these days? Nope, not teens in their bedrooms downloading screeners off BitTorrent or from shady release blogs, but Google. Yes, almighty Google has Hollywood feeling weak at the knees over the possibility of Google TV completely upending the television business model. Google vs. Hollywood: now there’s a WresleMania main event that… Read More

  • Has Comic-Con become too big (or too Hollywood) for its own good?

    Earlier today on the Ron & Fez show on Sirius XM, the great Ron Bennington made an astute point: Comic-Con may be too big for its own good. It used to be a place where geeks and nerds could get together to talk about storyline inconsistencies in the latest Batman series. Now? It’s just as much about A-list-ish celebrities “being seen” and hawking their trash as it is… Read More

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