• 2009: The year of the 3D film?

    So is 2009 the year of the 3D movie? James Cameron’s Avatar comes out in December, and everything I’ve heard is all, “Oh my God, we’ll need to knock down the Jefferson Memorial and replace it with a Cameron Memorial this movie is so great.” And the Cannes Film Festival opens today with Disney’s Up, which is another 3D film that’s supposed to knock… Read More

  • BarTor Android application scans DVD barcodes, downloads using BitTorrent

    This is tremendous. It’s an application for Android called BarTor that you use to automatically download movies using BitTorrent. You simply hold the G1’s camera to a movie’s barcode, presumably while at Best Buy or something, then the software sends the movie title to your computer, which you’ve already set up to run uTorrent or Vuze. And off it goes! Read More

  • Hollywood is scared: Streaming has brought movie piracy into the mainstream

    Hey! Hollywood has a bone to pick with you, you filthy customer. It seems that rampant online movie piracy—via BitTorrent, Usenet, streaming, etc.—is responsible for as much as 40 percent of Hollywood’s piracy-related loses. (So, offline, Canal Street-type piracy accounts for 60 percent, I guess.) This isn’t exactly breaking news to us here—I feel like I write… Read More

  • Dear Hollywood, please don't make another Tomb Raider movie

    It has come to our attention that creatively bankrupt Hollywood has decided to make another Tomb Raider movie. All of us here at CrunchGear—we stay crunchy, even in milk—think this is just another example of Hollywood admitting that, not only has it run out of ideas, but that it has no problem tarnishing the image of its forebears. (See the upcoming Pink Panther 2 the most… Read More

  • 3D movies won't save Hollywood, nor convince us to ditch our HDTVs for movie theaters

    3D movie technology, as it stands, is a load of go-nowhere rubbish. If Hollywood thinks that the tech will convince moviegoers to leave the comfort of their homes, filled with HDTVs and Blu-ray (or upscaled DVDs), it’s got another thing coming. Read More

  • RealNetworks is officially confident that RealDVD is legal

    The RealDVD saga continues, quickly becoming one of the more interesting tech stories of the past few months. As we already know, both RealNetworks and the MPAA have been suing each other left, right and center over the past two weeks. Well now Real has issued an official statement, one sure to send shivers up the spines of the MPAA’s lawyers. We are confident that the Court will… Read More

  • RealNetworks goes to court to clear RealDVD's good name (before Hollywood destroys it)

    Today should be a happy day for Real, having just released RealDVD, the DVD-copying-for-the-masses Windows app. But now there’s lawsuits involved, and lawsuits make Baby Deity unhappy. RealNetworks has gone to court to get a judge to declare RealDVD A-OK. This comes after some saber-rattling by several Hollywood studios, several of which threatened RealNetworks over the sale of RealDVD. Read More

  • Oscar night to be ruined by digital TV switchover

    In the wake of record low viewership for last year’s Academy Awards ceremony, those involved with the show coming up in January are launching a pre-emptive strike to blame the switchover to digital TV as the reason nobody watches the show in 2009. The program will air five days after the initial switchover and some fear that confusion and/or procrastination could lead to a handful of… Read More

  • Oh, concept art for possible Halo movie

    Follow this. Concept art for an unmade movie to be based on a just-written script that was written to resurrect a movie franchise that disappeared even before it was actually made. Yes, an awkwardly named Web site claims to have exclusive concept art for Halo: Fall of Reach, a script that was written because the original Halo Movie was never made. (Once upon a time, a guy from Time Warner told… Read More

  • Marty McFly's actual hoverboard being eBayed, $30K reserve

    Oh, Back to the Future. It was because of you that during the run-up to the revealing of the Segway, I thought it was going to be a hoverboard. It was because of you that I was so bitterly disappointed. But your uppance has come! Your most precious wooden prop will be mine — for the paltry cost of only $30,000. No, it doesn’t hover, but it’s in excellent condition. I… Read More

  • Movie industry now feeling the effects of transition away from high-margin disc media

    Now you’ve gone and done it. “It” being, maybe, freaking out the entertainment industry by not buying as many DVDs as you used to. (That, incidentally, sorta gibes with a study that come out today.) One of them there Lehman Brothers analysts downgraded numerous industry stocks yesterday because he doesn’t like how people are now downloading movies more and more often. Read More