Terraform fork gets renamed OpenTofu, and joins Linux Foundation

When HashiCorp announced it was changing its Terraform license in August, it set off a firestorm in the open source community, and actually represented an existential threat to startups that were buil

Splinter group officially launches OpenTF fork of HashiCorp Terraform

Earlier this month HashiCorp announced it was changing the open source license it uses for Terraform and its other developer tools. The change triggered an uproar in the open source community. On Frid

HashiCorp acquires code security startup BluBracket

Infrastructure automation company HashiCorp today announced that it has acquired code security startup BluBracket. Founded by the team behind Vera Security, BluBracket raised a $12 million Series A ro

What does selling to platform engineering teams mean for developer relations?

How should dev-centric startups sell their product to platform engineering teams?

Qualified raises $95M to help Salesforce users with sales pipeline generation

Lead generation is a critical cornerstone in the world of sales — in a seemingly infinite sea of potential customers, you need to know who wants to buy, or who might buy, what you are selling so

Survival tips for startup founders living through their first market correction

For founders, the gyrations of the stock market, the resulting correction in public market tech stocks, and the inevitable impact on private company fundraising might seem disheartening.

TechCrunch+ roundup: Tested TAM tips, no-code tech survey, writing crypto white papers

For most products, TAM is presented in nine figures or more, but when you're planning to disrupt a billion-dollar market, these numbers can create a lot of cognitive dissonance.

Selling to developers is no longer a sure path to insane valuation multiples

Product-led growth is a big deal these days as startups are trying to find ways to grow without spending all their capital on advertising and sales staffing. But it's no panacea.

Nubank, HashiCorp provide startup market with end-of-year IPO wins

We need to grok how 2021 ended to understand where 2022 begins.

SenseTime’s IPO to test market demand for high-growth, high-loss shares in Hong Kong

The larger context for SenseTime's debut is that it is going public after the Chinese government cracked down on a number of tech sectors in the country.

HashiCorp’s IPO will place it among the most richly valued open source tech companies

You can argue that HashiCorp deserves its 44x revenue run rate multiple, if you'd like. It wouldn't be impossible to make an argument that it's a bit rich, but this is 2021 and no one is doing that.

Vercel raises $150M Series D as it looks to build an end-to-end front-end development platform

Only a few months ago, Vercel, the company behind the popular Next.js framework for front-end developers, announced a $102 million Series C funding round that took its valuation to $1.1 billion. Today

TechCrunch+ roundup: Deep tech predictions, HashiCorp’s IPO, enterprisewide AI

If you believe you have a good idea for a startup, go for it. When venture capitalists say this is a good time to be a founder, you know they absolutely mean it.

HashiCorp’s IPO filing reveals a growing business, but at a slower pace

To understand HashiCorp's performance, we'll need to spend a minute talking about how it approaches the market. If you are a fan of open source software (OSS), it should be an interesting read.

Last day to snag early-bird passes to TechCrunch Disrupt 2021

Don’t miss your chance to experience TechCrunch Disrupt 2021 — the startup world’s must-attend event of the season — for less than $100. Why not get the best ROI of your time while simultaneou

Microsoft’s Dapr open-source project to help developers build cloud-native apps hits 1.0

Dapr, the Microsoft-incubated open-source project that aims to make it easier for developers to build event-driven, distributed cloud-native applications, hit its 1.0 milestone today, signifying the p

4 enterprise developer trends that will shape 2021

It’s time to shift focus from delivering software to delighting customers. Welcome to a new era of modern software delivery.

HashiCorp to offer managed versions of its developer tools starting with Consul

HashiCorp is well known in the developer community for offering a slew of open-source tools to help build and manage modern applications. Today the company announced a new cloud platform and plans to

What we’re getting right and wrong about coronavirus and VC investing

It has only been nine days since I wrote an overview of the state of VC investing during the rise of the novel coronavirus pandemic. And what a week it has been: The markets have triggered circuit bre

HashiCorp soars above $5B valuation in new $175M venture round

The rise of the cloud over the past decade has forced software developers and DevOps engineers to completely rearchitect the modern web application, ensuring scalability, performance, and security. Th
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