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GTA IV crashing on your 60GB PS3? Re-install, baby

There have been a few reports of GTA IV crashing on PS3s. The problem has been more or less identified as a problem with 60GB PS3 units, and Rockstar has advised that erasing your game data and reinst

CrunchArcade: Some kid playing GTA IV live on! live video from sculay’s channel on Want to see some British kid playing Grand Theft Auto IV 100 percent LIVE? Yes!! The soon-to-be-sue

A video tribute to Grand Theft Auto

Stagueve sent us this super cool tribute to GTA which shows flyovers of most of the GTA:SA scenery. I’m not sure the Who music is quite right, but it is sufficiently martial to make me stiffen u

GTA IV ads pulled from Chicago buses under pressure from Fox News

Shameful. After MyFox Fox News Chicago ran a little piece questioning why a violent game is being advertised on city buses, the head of the Chicago Transit Authority had the ads removed. There are so

CrunchArcade: GTA IV achievements leaked?

There’s no confirmation on this, so take it with a grain of salt, and also beware that there are SPOILERS ahead if you clicky this link. If that wasn’t spoiler-y enough for you, there are

CrunchArcade: GTA street map leaked!

This reminds me of old times where you’d have a sheisty, inaccurate, hand-drawn map of say Hyrule crammed into the tiny instruction booklet. Some enterprising fellow uploaded some pics and promp

Limited Edition GTA IV Xbox 360 consoles

Apparently there’s some game called “Grand Theft Auto IV” coming out. I’ve never heard of such a game but so help me God if it’s violent or glorifies crime, I’m goi

Part two of Edge's 'why you will buy GTA IV the day it comes out'

[photopress:gta4edge2.jpg,full,center] After reading part two of Edge’s interview with Rockstar’s president and GTA IV writer Sam Houser, published today, I went to the game’s Web si

Clear your schedule: Edge takes a long, fantastic look at GTA

[photopress:gtaedge1.jpg,full,center] I plan on dressing like this quite soon Do you time to read a 6,000+ word article on the making of Grand Theft Auto? Most people I know, writers included, would s

More GTA IV screens for you, Mirror's Edge too

It wouldn’t be really worth posting unless the pictures were totally bad-ass, and they are. Since you won’t be getting your hot little hands on it until April 29, just satisfy yourself for

Extensive GTA IV hands-on at CVG

Computer and Video Games was lucky enough to get two full hours of straight-up gameplay with Rockstar’s newest opus, and they say its all coming up roses. There’s a ton of gameplay experie

GTA IV drunkenness to use dynamic physics engine

So Grand Theft Auto IV is going to have a drinking mini-game wherein your character will stumble around more and more based on how much alcohol he consumers. Gee, I wonder if this is going to make it

Gouranga! GTA Developers' Flickr nostalgia set

To coincide with the new GTA IV site (I’m guessing anyway), one of the original developers for Grand Theft Auto has put up a ton of pictures of his team and all the stuff they’ve worked on

PS3 technical issues the source of GTA IV delay?

MTV has an interview with developer Jeronimo Barrera in which the GTA IV delay is cited as a good thing (why not squash bugs and polish for a couple more months) and also as being caused by the PS3 ve

Simpsons game developers say Rockstar 'spazzed out'

Geek fight! Apparently some people at Rockstar (the company behind the Grand Theft Auto series) “spazzed out like little babies” at a parody in the new Simpsons game where Bart wants to pl

Game Content Under the Microscope: What Do You Think?

We’ll be keeping this story high on the front page for a bit simply because it contains such an excellent set of thought-provoking questions. – JB Today concludes our week-long look at vid

Nintendo Worldwide Wii Sales So Bright You Gotta Wear Shades

The Nintendo Wii and DS are selling so well that Nintendo isn’t even bothering to make sales predictions anymore. There’s now 5.84 million Wiis out there and 40 million DSs, numbers that N

Grand Theft Auto 6 On Its Way!

PLAY Magazine UK must have the ULTIMATE hook-up at Rockstar. The magazine has just revealed that popular GTA series will be getting its sixth installment very soon. Amazing that details have already l