• Glympse Brings Real-Time Location Sharing To Facebook

    Glympse Brings Real-Time Location Sharing To Facebook

    Over the last few months there have been non-stop rumors about Facebook finally launching its location feature (an announcement may well come at f8). But a startup called Glympse has already beaten them to the punch (well, sort of). The service now allows you to share you location with Facebook friends via the News Feed, using a nifty widget that plots your position on a map and updates it… Read More

  • Glympse: A Hassle And Worry-Free Way To Share Your Location, Minus The Social Network

    We’ve all been there. You’re late for a meeting with friends, stuck in traffic and unsure of when you’re actually going to arrive. You call them with updates like “well, I’m closer now, but still not sure…” and a shaky “maybe I’ll be there in 20 minutes?” What if your friends could track exactly where you were without the… Read More