Navdy’s new Glympse integration lets you share a live ETA from the road

If you’ve ever been driving and wanted to let someone know when to expect you, there’s likely been some kind of compromise involved where you broke a few rules and texted while en route. There are more than a few problems with that, however, including how it involves breaking the law, and also how it means that if you encounter any delays, your ETA is pretty much worthless to whomever you’re communicating with.

Aftermarket HUD maker Navdy (which I reviewed recently, in case you want to learn more) is giving its users an easier way to share their expected arrival time, through a new partnership with Glympse. Glympse, as you may already know, is a tool that lets you share (with anyone you can message) your ETA via a live, updating map, temporarily providing location info so people you care about can know when to expect you, and receive updates as your trip evolves.


The Navdy partnership means users of the HUD can now find contacts using the Navdy dial on their steering wheel during a drive, choose from a range of canned message options, including “On my way,” and then send a message with a link that gives that contact a host of real-time info about your trip, including your expected arrival time, the route you’re following on your own Navdy and your destination.

It’s actually a pretty handy new feature, provided you’re comfortable sharing said info through Glympse. The convenience benefits are clear, however, and given that people are generally very likely to want to share ETA data during drives anyway, Navdy’s interface makes it possible with the least amount of distraction required.