Glympse Launches A New App To Help Drivers Share Their Locations

Glympse was one of the earliest smartphone-based location services, but the company’s focus on utility kept it out of the hype cycle. Today, it’s back with a new Android app that makes it easier for drivers to share their location. Glympse for Autos is meant to allow drivers to share their locations with their families without being distracted.

All a driver has to do is turn on the app, select with whom they want to share their location, set a timer and start driving. The app runs in the background, and contacts can follow the driver’s progress from anywhere without having to install the app themselves.

The company also announced today that the service is now integrated with the dashboards of 10 major car brands, including Mercedes, BMW, Ford, Volvo and Jaguar Land Rover. The latest additions to Glympse’s partnership roster are Peugeot and Volkswagen — both of which use the MirrorLink interface to enable Glympse in their cars.

“With the availability of Glympse for Autos and our integration with MirrorLink, we are helping to set a paradigm of how connected car apps should be: simple, easy to use and driver-aware,” said Glympse co-founder and CEO Bryan Trussel today.