Location Tracking App Glympse Links With Evernote To Let Users Archive Their Trails

Glympse, the navigation tracking app that has made inroads into location-based services by inking deals with the likes of Ford, Mercedes Benz and BMW to integrate its app into their in-car systems, is today laying down ground in another direction: other cloud-based mobile platforms. Today it is announcing that Glympse users will be able to archive their “trails” directly to Evernote.

The feature is getting rolled out first on Android, with iOS coming soon, the company said.

The feature gives Glympse users a way of recording trips that they have made, either for practical purposes such as remembering a particular driving route, or just to be able to preserve a memorable journey, such as a vacation road trip. Bryan Trussel, co-founder and CEO of Glympse, says that this was one of the more demanded features from users: “Many of our users have requested a way to save a snapshot of their Glympse map trails so they can view road trips, keep runs and bike rides, archive a special trip abroad, or just remember an interesting location. We wanted to make this feature simple and easy.”

This is the start of a number of further integrations the company plans to put in place, and now that the company has released an API it will be easier to create more links in that web of connectivity and usefulness. And by tapping into services like Evernote, which now has more than 60 million users, it gives Glympse a glimpse of attracting new users. (The company does not disclose user numbers yet.)

“We’ve got a pretty long list of potential features and partnerships and customer requests,” a spokesperson says. Adding photos, trip details and logistics, calendar and social network integrations are all on the list. “We’re definitely going to be busy for quite a while.” Further integrations will be announced in the coming months. It plans to double the number of companies with which it is linked by the end of this year.

The Evernote integration will work like this: users will be able to sign into their Evernote accounts from the Glympse app, similar to how they would sign in to Facebook or Twitter to share a route with a friend. Then, they would be able to save a trail automatically from the trail window. When they do so, it will automatically go into a folder on Evernote called “My Glympse Trails.” The trails subsequently don’t appear as animated/video views, but as snapshots and details, which in records of who you shared a Glympse trail with, as well as the date, time, and duration of the Glympse as well as the destination if included) of each Glympse saved.

“Evernote helps people remember their lives, and a big part of living is traveling from place to place. With Glympse, those trips can be recorded alongside an Everote’s users other memories. It’s a natural fit,” said Rafe Needleman, director of developer relations, in a statement.

For now, all of these services will remain free, with no plans for premium, add-ons for the time being.