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  • NASA funds long shots aiming to make electric and eco-friendly aircraft

    NASA funds long shots aiming to make electric and eco-friendly aircraft

    One of these days we’re going to see aircraft go electric, just as cars are — but not for a while. In the meantime, we can’t slack off when it comes to the research that will make it possible. NASA has announced five research projects that may help make planes more efficient and green. Read More

  • Embedded fuel cells power smartphones for a week… and could run the world Crunch Network

    Embedded fuel cells power smartphones for a week… and could run the world

    People love their smartphones but hate poor battery life. We love having access to the world’s information at our fingertips but tire of the need to constantly plug in to the world’s electricity grid. The recharging model of batteries fails us — the marketplace is ready for a new approach to portable power. Read More

  • Honda and Volvo add more electrification

    Honda and Volvo add more electrification

    Honda announced it’s going to expand its Clarity line to include an all-electric version and a plug-in hybrid next year. The latest version of the Honda Clarity will be available later this year any way you want it, as along as you want a fuel-cell vehicle. The other two variants will be ready in 2017. Honda’s goal is to have electrified vehicles, including plug-in hybrids and… Read More

  • Fuel-Cell Cars Are Going To Get A Big Boost In California Next Year

    Fuel-Cell Cars Are Going To Get A Big Boost In California Next Year

    We may not have hoverboards by October 2015, but thanks to investments from the California Energy Commission and Toyota, we’ll have something just as futuristic: the makings of a functioning hydrogen economy in California. Read More

  • Power To The People

    Power To The People

    As I type this, a UPS beeps furiously behind me, and the growl of half-a-dozen diesel generators is audible down the street. I’m in Leh, a city nestled in a Himalayan valley surrounded by 6,000-metre / 20,000-foot peaks, the fast-growing capital of India’s northernmost territory Ladakh. It’s clearly outgrown its electrical capacity; power cuts hit several times a… Read More

  • Hyundai's Blue2 Fuel Cell Concept Is What A Future Car Should Be

    Hyundai plans to reveal their rather fetching Blue2 (pronounced “Blue square”) hydrogen fuel cell concept later this week at the Seoul Motor Show. We haven’t been seeing many hydrogen-powered cars lately — most of the ongoing eco-craze involves electric cars. Nonetheless, hydrogen-powered cars are considered to be the industry’s endgame, and the… Read More

  • Mini Fuel Cell Specifically Designed For Smartphones

    Fuel cells are still on their way into the mainstream, but we’re getting there, slowly. Case in point: the AF-M3000 [JP], a mini fuel cell that just requires users to add water to get it to work. What’s interesting is that Kyoto-based Aquafairy has developed the device specifically for use with smartphones. Read More

  • Powertrekk Fuel Cell Charges USB Powered Devices

    We’ve been hearing about using fuel cells as batteries since fuel cells existed. So far, nothing too interesting has come out. But if you’re interested in getting in on the tech early, check out the Powertrekk. The Powertrekk is a fuel cell and rechargeable battery in one. Similar to those portable battery chargers, the Powertrekk can charge your devices over USB from energy… Read More

  • Panasonic Shows Advanced Fuel Cell For Home Use

    The news has become muted regarding <a href="fuel cells and their future role in energy supply in recent years, but it seems we’re getting there step by step: Panasonic today said that it has developed a new type of home-use fuel cell [press release in English], which is more efficient and cheaper than its existing solutions. Read More

  • Out Of The Box: Bloom Energy Debuts 'Electrons' Financing Service

    In a move that could be torn from the playbook of SolarCity, Bloom Energy introduced a financing service today called Bloom Electrons that could popularize its solid oxide fuel cells, and make clean energy more accessible to the owners and operators of commercial and institutional buildings. Through Bloom Electrons, power-consumers commit to a 10-year contract and set rate for fuel —… Read More

  • Aquafairy FC Stick: Efficient mini fuel cell for gadget fans (video)

    Fuel cells are on their way into the mainstream, even though the commercially available models are still pretty pricey. But there are companies like Kyoto-based Aquafairy [JP], for example, preparing affordable fuel cells, too. Their four new fuel cells are intended to make gadget fans in particular happy: the micro FC Stick (0.8W), the FC-Stick (2W), the FC-Cube (3W) and the FC-Cube Dual (6W). Read More

  • John Doerr On Bloom Energy Launch: "This Is Like The Google IPO"

    John Doerr On Bloom Energy Launch: "This Is Like The Google IPO"

    After eight years of operating in quasi-stealth, Bloom Energy came out with a bang today at an event in Silicon Valley attended by Arnold Schwarzenegger, Colin Powell, Larry Page, John Doerr, and executives from eBay, Walmart, Coca-Cola, and FedEx. All of the big-name companies, including Google, are beta customers of Bloom’s distributed energy fuel cell technology (which was the subject… Read More

  • More Fuel Cell Charger fun; presenting the Mobion

    Fuel cells might be reaching a development stage when we will finally see gadgets powered – or at least recharged – by the so-far mythical technology. The latest from MTI Micro utilizes 100% methanol fuel and should provide enough juice for 10,000 songs or 100 hours of video playback per cartridge. Read More

  • Bendable, ultra-thin fuel cells coming soon

    Prepare your hydrogen, friends, because the age of fuel cells just might be upon us. MyFC is an unfunded fuel cell company that is showing prototypes of fuel cells that could be built into cases a la the Mophie. The cells run on small hydrogen packs and can fold over surfaces. They could even be embedded inside cellphone bodies. UPDATE – They have funding. I meant unfunded in the… Read More

  • 10 Days of CrunchGear: Start Me Up

    Welcome to FutureWorld where everything is run on Medis Fuel Cells. This emergency power pack will send pounds, baby, pounds of power to most of your devices. We have twelve of these puppies to give away so get your commenting hands moving. How do you win? Read More

  • Canon's going green: fuel cells in DSLRs

    I’ve never really had a problem with my Rebel’s battery life — in fact, it’s excellent. I guess that’s no reason to stop trying to improve it, however, and Canon is working on doing just that. Of course, they’re not an energy research company. But MTI Micro is, and they just happened to announce a deal with a “global Japanese developer of digital… Read More

  • Sony demos tiny fuel cell with 14-hour charge

    I hate batteries, but I love fuel cells. At some point in the near future the technology will do as promised, giving us hours of clean energy for our portable gear. Sadly, they’re still too big to be practical, but Sony’s working on the problem, and has this nifty palm-sized fuel cell to show for it. It’s a methanol-based unit, and can provide up to 14 hours of charge for… Read More

  • Fuel cell-powered Lifecar has 250 mile range: 0-60 in seven seconds

    [photopress:lifecar.jpg,full,center] A hydrogen-powered sports car will be unveiled at the Geneva Motor Show that begins on Thursday that’s expected to go from 0-60 mph in seven seconds. (It tops out at about 90 mph.) The car, called the Lifecar and based on the Morgan Aero-8 (look at me, talking like I know anything about cars), has a range of 250 miles. It’s being touted as a… Read More

  • Hands on with Horizon fuel cells

    Ready to power your iPod with clean, delicious hydrogen? I got a chance to see Horizon fuel cell technologies up close yesterday and I’m pleased to report that soon we all will be using our pent up atoms to power iPods, toy cars, and unmanned assault vehicles. Most of the cells are fairly bulky but they showed a small cell using a hydrogen canister the size of a AA battery that they… Read More

  • Sony's Sugar Fuel Cell: Tasty, Big Electricity

    Presumably the first two images you see in this video are the battery and some sugar and presumably you Sony or whoever made this video has no taste in music. Regardless, looks like it could be a useful addition to the future battery arsenal and it presumably won’t explode like most Sony batteries. HAR! via Engadget Read More