Why Are Watches So Expensive?

<img src="http://c1917752.cdn.cloudfiles.rackspacecloud.com/2010/10/price-is-right.jpg">There is no denying that most people consider watches to be pretty expensive. Luxury watches often cost as much,

Virtual pinball machine looks cool, may be missing flippers

<img src="http://www.crunchgear.com/wp-content/uploads/2009/11/pinball.jpg" />A virtual pinball machine sounds like a really good idea. No less then 17 tables, on a LCD display (so the playfield doesn

Sure, a £3,500 Motorola phone. Sounds good to me.

<img src="http://www.mobilecrunch.com/wp-content/uploads/2009/10/motorolaiscrazy.jpg" />Let's be honest for a second here: unless we're talking about the <a HREF="http://www.mobilecrunch.com/2009/10/1

Banged in the Olufsen: Tough times call for a $136,220 plasma TV

<img src="http://www.crunchgear.com/wp-content/uploads/2009/03/beo41031l.jpg">If you have a lot of disposable income or you work for AIG and need a way to spend that sweet, sweet bonus check for all y

Head-mounted ‘Third Eye’ camera

<img src="http://www.crunchgear.com/wp-content/uploads/2009/02/hammacher.jpg">This insanely-priced video camera straps to your head with an elastic band and captures video at a miniscule 320x240 resol

Harion: Japanese company sells $168,000 glass speaker set

Tokyo-based glassware manufacturer Hario (which means “the king of glass”) today unveiled a newly developed set of glass speakers that costs 16 million yen (US$168,000). The so-called Hari

Gilded Age: $5,000 Belgian headphones sound ‘crystal clear’

Wow, a pair of £3,500 ($5,150) headphones. All of a sudden, headphones from the likes of Ultimate Ears and Shure don’t seem expensive at all. What makes this pair so expensive? It’s made

Black Magic: Japanese company sells audio LAN cable for $1,070

On Novmeber 15th, Japanese online shopping community Zigsow will start selling the so-called BLACK MAGIC [JP], a strangely named LAN cable, which is 1.5 meters long. The maker claims the buyer will ge

Review: IM+ for Android

IM+ is an application created by ShapeServices, which aims to replace the instant messaging application that comes out of the box with Android. Hoping that there were some differences between the 7-da

Motorola Aura cell phone has a circular display

A few years ago on April Fool’s day, Geeks.com put up a product page for a 15-inch circular LCD monitor for $199.99 (if memory serves). The monitor looked pretty cool and everyone had a good chuckle

Motorola Aura cell phone has a circular display

A few years ago on April Fool’s day, Geeks.com put up a product page for a 15-inch circular LCD monitor for $199.99 (if memory serves). The monitor looked pretty cool and everyone had a good chuckle

Bond… James Bond… James Bond's watch

If you want to be like Bond (and I think we all do, especially since he became such a cold-blooded, murderous bastard), you should probably start small. The Aston Martin is probably not going to happe

Leica drops monster 37-megapixel S-System pro camera

That is a lot of megapixels. Leica has been burning up the internet lately, what with its sweet F/0.95 lens, new M8.2 camera, and even a nice-looking projector. But this monster is surely going to gen

Wall-mounted CD player for people who still own compact discs and can easily part with $178

Got any CDs left in your house? Not me. Got $178 to spend on a CD player? Not me, again. If you’re unlike me, though, you may find that this cool wall-mounted CD player from Muji to be just the thin

Got a couple million to spare? Buy a 64-terabyte solid state drive setup

Remember the RAM-SAN 500, that flash RAID array that basically is the fastest thing on the earth right now? Well, if you’re a special effects artist or run a huge, high speed media database or s

SSD I/O speeds: they're bigger in Texas

It’s that time again. Time to break records in rapid succession! The plainly named Texas Memory has created a monster of epic performance. The RamSan-440 uses DDR RAM in RAID configuration to re

Optimus Pultius: between Minimus and Maximus

This might be something I can use. I enjoyed the easily customizable softkeys on the Microsoft wireless keyboard I reviewed a month or so ago, and this is more powerful and less attached to a bulky ke

Hide those unsightly set-top boxes for $999

Perfect for people with such luxuries as “fireplaces” and “money” comes the $999 Belkin FlyWire device. It basically allows you to hide your cable box and other digital eyesores in a nearby cl

Meet Black OX, Gigantor's rival robot (and pre-order for a lot of Yen)


Current top 10 of Akihabara's most expensive retro games (photo report)

Here are the top 10 of the most expensive retro games currently sold in Tokyo’s Akihabara district (based on my research in about 10 stores). I took the picture above in the place I love the mos
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