Sure, a £3,500 Motorola phone. Sounds good to me.


Let’s be honest for a second here: unless we’re talking about the Motorola Droid, which should be on Verizon Wireless within a few weeks, we might as well not be talking about Motorola. It’d be like talking about Real Madrid and only mentioning Granero or Drenthe and not Cristiano Ronaldo or Kaká. (Good, making references that all of 11 people will understand.) But we’re going to that such a thing right now in talking about the Motorola Aura Diamond Edition. It’s £3,500, which converts to, roughly, $5,700. Yeah…

Why is this thing so darn expensive? For whatever reason Motorolla has sprinkled it with some 30+ diamonds, and coated it in 18 carat gold. Now the question becomes why Motorola would ever do such a thing? Does Motorola makes phones exclusively for Goldman Sachs these days? Maybe, I don’t know.

It goes on sale on October 26, at least in the UK. But then again, if you’re the type of person who can afford this, you’ve probably already got it on pre-order.

Man, it’s cold. Let’s burn some £100 notes to keep warm.