Current top 10 of Akihabara's most expensive retro games (photo report)

Here are the top 10 of the most expensive retro games currently sold in Tokyo’s Akihabara district (based on my research in about 10 stores). I took the picture above in the place I love the most on this earth, the Super Potato used game store in the heart of Akihabara. Believe it or not, I didn’t see anything cool gear-wise so this list must do as a “live” report from the world’s Nerdvana for now.

Compared to 1999, when I was still a game collector and went there for the first time, prices went down dramatically but there are still some very, very pricey carts and CDs for sale. Some of these were available outside Japan in localized versions.

Top 10: San San $420/boxed
(1994, Genesis, based on the Japanese board game Go)

Top 9: Gradius Archinmendes $470/cart only
(1987, NES, promo version of Gradius made for a Japanese noodle maker)

Top 8: Kinnikuman $560/cart only
(1985, NES, released in the USA as M.U.S.C.L.E.)

Top 8: Foreman for real $560/boxed
(1995, Genesis)

Top 6: Virtual Bart $590/boxed
(1995, Genesis, based on “The Simpsons”)

Top 5: Safety Rally $750/cart only
(1986, NES, racing game)

Top 4: Delisoba deluxe $920/boxed
(1997, Sega Saturn, based on the terrible Courier Crisis)

Top 4: Tag Team Pro Wrestling Special $920/cart only
(1986, NES)

Top 2: Darius Alpha $960/boxed
(1991, PC-Engine/Turbo Grafx, shooting game, limited to 800 copies)

Top 1: Kidou Senshi-Z Gundam Hot Scramble Final Version $1,400/boxed
(1986, NES, shooting game, limited to 1,000 copies)