Meet Black OX, Gigantor's rival robot (and pre-order for a lot of Yen)
Osaka-based robot maker Vstone starts accepting pre-orders [JP, PDF] for their newest model, the Black Ox, starting today. The company says they will begin production of a maximum of 30 units if they get at least 15 pre-orders (down payment: $930) by this September.

Black Ox used to be Gigantor‘s rival robot in the anime of the same name, which was also aired in the USA and is now even available on American DVDs.

Vstone will equip the robot with 22 joints, a “robot processor” (VS-RC003HV), a speaker system, LEDs, a stand and gyro/acceleration sensors. Proud owners will be able to control Black OX via a wireless remote controller. Vstone says it can move like it does in the anime.

Black Ox stands 44cm tall and weighs 2.5kg. The robot can be ordered online only [JP] and will set you back $7,450.