Hide those unsightly set-top boxes for $999

belkin (Small)

Perfect for people with such luxuries as “fireplaces” and “money” comes the $999 Belkin FlyWire device. It basically allows you to hide your cable box and other digital eyesores in a nearby closet so your hoity-toity guests don’t accidentally spill caviar on your Persian rug when their leather shoes get tangled in a bunch of cables.

Dubious about wireless HD? Belkin quells your fears with complex words…

“Operating in the open 5GHz band, FlyWire offers a completely robust connection. It intelligently manages its own connection, adjusting both frequency and power to avoid interference and overcome impedances. Because FlyWire does not compress video, it transmits video content with no latency. Even the most demanding AV applications, like video games, will not be impaired by the wireless transmission.”

There’s also an SD card slot “for upgrade and expansion options.” As for the actual connections, you’ll get three HDMI inputs, two component inputs, one composite/S-video input, and one HDMI output. Resolution up to 1080p is supported. The kit includes the transmitter, the receiver (seen below, comes with a wall-mount bracket too), a FlyWire remote control, IR blaster, and three HDMI cables.

belkin2 (Small)

The FlyWire AV69003 will be available in late October for $999. There’s also a version called the FlyWire R1 that’ll cost $699 and will be available in the first quarter of next year. The R1 will be an “in-room wireless solution” whereas the regular FlyWire has a “whole-home range” that can penetrate walls and windows.