Bond… James Bond… James Bond's watch

If you want to be like Bond (and I think we all do, especially since he became such a cold-blooded, murderous bastard), you should probably start small. The Aston Martin is probably not going to happen (face it), nor the women, nor the guns, nor the intrigue. At least you’ve got the drinking! And, if you’re really dedicated, you might get his watch. While its guts are the same as the Omega Planet Ocean 45mm — and that’s not a bad thing, since that watch costs three grand — the face is designed to look like a Walther PPK grip (kind of awesome).

You may also notice a slight advertisement etched into the dome. I tend to avoid those, but if you’re a real Bond freak it’s probably more to put in the “Pros” column.

And no, it doesn’t laser people.