Crunch Report | QVC Acquires HSN for $2.1 Billion

QVC acquires HSN for 2.1 billion, RED is working on a smartphone, SoundCloud loses its San Francisco and London offices and Microsoft is laying off thousands of people. All this on Crunch Report.

Epic! raises $8 million to keep kids reading in a digital age

The makers of Epic!, one of many apps jockeying to become a "Netflix for books," have raised $8 million in a round led by Reach Capital, the education-specialized venture firm. Epic! at its core is an

Epic Partners With Mozilla To Port Unreal Engine 4 To The Web

At last year's Game Developers Conference, Mozilla showed a port of Unreal Engine 3, the foundation for many AAA games, running in the browser. That was a bit of a wake-up call for many developers, gi

Manager Who Oversaw Evo 4G, Epic 4G Leaves Sprint

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My God, it's full of K's! What the RED announcement means for the industry

Image credit: Benni Diez at Reduser.net forums For the last couple weeks, Jim Jannard of RED Camera has been teasing everybody on the REDuser forums with vague promises and outrageous claims of revolu

Cliffy B explains Gears of War 2 absence on PC

Last week Cliffy B made a few remarks about why GoW2 wouldn’t be ported over to the PC and his argument was based two things: piracy and the making games for open systems was a pain. Shacknews r

Gears of War 2 manual leaked

Real or fake? via Ripten

Scarlet and RED Epic getting total reboot

What the hell?! I think Jim Jannard took some peyote at Photokina and brought his laptop. He’s posted on the forums saying everything’s going pineapples for Scarlet and RED Epic. We have c

EA shacks up with Epic, People Can Fly

Ah, Epic: the town bicycle. Microsoft wants to buy them, EA wants to milk them, and Yahtzee wants to make sweet love to them. Well, with People Can Fly, anyway. Shurikens and lightning! Anyway, Epic h

What's 5K anyway? RED Cameras resolution comparison chart

So maybe you’re excited about Red’s sudden announcement of two new cameras earlier today (the 5K Epic and the 3K Scarlet) but you’re not really sure why. What are these “K&#822

Marcus Fenix spills the beans on GoW 2

[photopress:800px_Johndimaggio.jpg,full,pp_image] You may know voice actor John DiMaggio from hit cartoons such as Futurama where he’s the voice of the lovable robot, Bender. Speaking of which,

Mark Rein from Epic gets snarky regarding MS buyout rumors

[photopress:Markrein.jpg,full,left]So there’s this rumor spinning around that Microsoft wants to buy Epic. Since it didn’t get Yahoo!, it’s got a little extra spending money, and it

Gears Of War PC Edition?

Rumor round the watercooler is that Gears of War will not stay an Xbox 360 exclusive. Mark Rein of Epic is saying that Gears of War will “eventually come to the PC.” ’Til there’s somet

Unreal 3 Engine Not Coming To Wii

With games on the Wii looking like Jetmoto for the PSOne, most consumers were hoping that in time, Wii games would start to look a little better. Heck, maybe after a year or two, games could have grap