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Space startups need to start preparing for a post-Starship world

SpaceX's Starship is poised to change the launch industry — and give space startup founders much to consider.

As tensions build, Silicon Valley’s Chinese affiliates invest in sensitive space tech

Chinese subsidiaries of U.S. venture capital firms invest in technology that could be sensitive to national security.

Silicon Valley goes to war

At Andreessen Horowitz’s recent American Dynamism summit, Hadrian founder and CEO Chris Power painted a picture of the country in peril. “I’m here to talk to you about an existential risk to the

7 space tech predictions for 2023

Developments in the defense, cybersecurity and climate sectors will prove to be strong tailwinds for revenues in spacetech in 2023.

Investor interest in SpaceX appears immune to Musk’s meddling

While Elon Musk's acquisition of Twitter negatively impacted Tesla's stock price, SpaceX didn't see the same result.

Intuitive Machines bets the moon could be big business

This deep into 2022, you might think that SPAC deals were over, done, dusted, forgotten. And yet, Intuitive Machines is pursuing a SPAC-led debut to the public markets as we speak.

Astrix Astronautics’ Fia Jones on wooing Peter Beck to launch her startup

Astrix has figured out how to use inflation to deploy a very large surface area from a compact volume, which allows for ease of access to power in isolated spaces.

Why you shouldn’t ignore Europe’s deep tech boom

We’re curious if Europe can form a third, independent center or group of hubs for deep tech investment, IP and company creation that's separate from China and the United States.

How Rocket Lab questions the fundamentals of building both rockets and launch companies

"You've got to help create this environment that ultimately you want to participate and thrive in."

How to build a better rocket company

We spoke to three rocket makers who have either already launched, achieved orbit or are well on their way: Firefly Aerospace's Lauren Lyons, Astra's Benjamin Lyon and Launcher's Max Haot.

Bold visions and solid fundamentals are driving investor interest in space

Bessemer's Tess Hatch, Sequoia's Shaun Maguire and Hemisphere Ventures' Lisa Rich shared their thoughts on the active year that just passed and on what's coming next.

Peter Beck says Rocket Lab actively prepared for interplanetary missions ‘from day one’

Rocket Lab long ago graduated from underdog launch provider to industry heavyweight (with funding to match). Now the company is planning to go to the moon, Mars and Venus in the next decade.

Eat the rich, but let them build rockets in the meantime

Do you really want Bezos tackling child hunger? Do you want Musk trying to expand healthcare access? Do you want Branson to focus on voting rights? Hell no.